Track and Stack your Endpoint Assets

Asset Inventory Tracker (AIT) extends IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) to leverage the possibilities of asset management. The AIT detects and collects USB and Bluetooth assets connected to IGEL OS 10 endpoints, offering a centralized view in the UMS. Combine with an asset management software via the integrated programming interface for complete control over your peripherals throughout the entire lifecycle.

Universal Management Suite, IGEL’s endpoint security and optimization console is purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments. UMS supports diverse operating systems, databases and directories. This smart, simple and secure management software lets IT easily manage any remote endpoint. With AIT the UMS functionality extends beyond the endpoint to the connected peripherals.

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    Asset Tracker

    Detect and monitor the presence or absence of assets in the IGEL OS ecosystem for inventory or auditing. The IT Admin can automatically recognize missing assets and proactively take the appropriate actions to replace a peripheral device, increasing efficiency.

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    Asset Visibility

    View an inventory of USB and Bluetooth assets in the familiar UMS dashboard. Connect with an asset management software to eliminate blind spots, improving security and ensuring business continuity.

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    Asset Management

    Combine with an asset management software via the integrated programming interface for complete control of your peripherals throughout the entire lifecycle, regardless of the location of your assets.


IGEL OS Linux 10.03.100 and later releases



IGEL UMS 5.07.100 and later releases



Based on REST API, the interface connects the UMS database and an asset management solution for advanced functionality such as filter and view, history, customized status updates and alerts.



  • Hardware Client:
    • IGEL Universal Desktop Endpoint
    • IGEL Zero Client
    • IGEL UD Pocket
  • Software Client: Third party endpoint devices converted with IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 3 or later
  • Assets: USB and Bluetooth connected devices


The doctor uses a smartcard reader to access the patient’s file. In the event of disconnection or malfunction, the IT Admin can recognize the missing asset automatically and proactively take the appropriate actions to promptly replace the reader increasing efficiency, saving valuable time and ensuring business continuity.


The single sign on or electronic payment device has been disconnected at the POS. The IT Admin can identify the missing equipment and respond promptly with a replacement, preventing delays for the customer and possible loss of sale.

Insurance Agencies

With Asset Inventory Tracker the IT Admin can monitor the assets in use at regional insurance branches with UMS. Track a connected Bluetooth headset in the customer support department, a signature pad in the sales department or a USB printer and view in the UMS.

Subscription Model

Subscription for a 10-license pack (minimum quantity) for a duration of 1 year or 3 years.


License Management

Update to UMS 5.07.100 to receive AIT functionality. Activate a license subscription, extend subscription duration via IGEL’s Activation Portal

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