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500 Endpoints: No Waiting. How IGEL Takes the Stress Out of Scaling Up

500 Endpoints: No Waiting. How IGEL Takes the Stress Out of Scaling Up

igelbppaperWe spend quite a bit of time traveling the globe to tell the IGEL story of endpoints’ rising dominance in enterprise computing, so it’s particularly gratifying when our story resonates so perfectly with a high profile industry veteran. Brien Posey, a seven-time Microsoft MVP with 25 years of IT experience and a published author, recently spent time with IGEL and wrote a compelling take on how IGEL’s approach to managing endpoints at scale saves enterprises money, fast tracks deployment via easy installation and simplifies management. Download Brien’s paper, The Advantages of Universal Endpoint security and optimization.

Enterprises want to increase their use of endpoints but have faced too many hurdles in the past in managing these devices as they add scale, as Brien says. A new forecast from Technavio, a global research firm, further validates our belief endpoints are the preferred computing choice. It forecasts the global VDI market to grow at a CAGR of more than 11% from 2017 to 2021 and replacing or repurposing PCs is part of this market growth. Endpoints are front and center in this forecast as Technavio states, “The deployment of VDI is cheaper compared with PCs because it aids in the effective utilization of centralized computing capacity. For VDI, desktop hardware can be reused as endpoint devices for users that do not require high-end devices.”

IGEL is the enabling solution for these enterprises wanting to more fully integrate endpoints into their computing environment without stress or exorbitant cost. Here’s why:

  • Cost Savings: Scaling up endpoints has been cost prohibitive. IGEL greatly reduces costs via its Universal Management Suite which simplifies device management by automatically capturing hardware specifications, license information, patches installed and other data. You can also document device location, inventory location and other relevant information.
  • Simplicity: Administrators can install the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), using the wizard, in about 20 minutes. Since the management interface is identical to the interface that is used to locally configure IGEL’s endpoints and zero clients, there is no steep learning curve! And, the Universal Management Suite is included with IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter, to make things even simpler! Our UDC is a Linux operating system turns devices into endpoints. Organizations are therefore able to reap the advantages of endpoint computing without having to abandon their existing hardware investment.
  • Security: If there’s one item causing IT stress it is the risk of cyber attacks. IGEL endpoints provide better security by locking down the desktop and reducing the threat of hacking, phishing, and spamming. One example is certificate-based communication between management servers and endpoints. This protects against DoS attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Enterprise PCs, as we know them, are on their way out. Endpoints offer better cost savings, much more security against cyber attacks and, thankfully, IGEL provides a way to achieve all this with a simple, easy-to-deploy solution.

Join us in the endpoint universe of tomorrow and be sure and download Brien’s paper!

Jed Ayres

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