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IGEL and Parallels RAS:  Fast and Furious Virtual Delivery!

IGEL and Parallels RAS: Fast and Furious Virtual Delivery!

As our partners know, IGEL loves fast, hot cars (Tesla). And we love how we provide the market’s most efficient, satisfying user experience via our software-driven endpoint solutions. An important partner in our delivering high-performance virtual desktops is Parallels RAS, a leader in virtual applications and desktop delivery.

We’re celebrating our teamwork with a detailed solution paper which gives you all the reasons IGEL and Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) are able to supply the complete package to businesses looking for a simple, smart, and secure endpoint solution with all the VDI applications and features they need right out of the box.

Since our customers use a variety of VDI technologies, working with Parallels RAS gives our customers the flexibility of choice they need. Parallels RAS supports Nutanix Acropolis, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, and Citrix XenServer.

You can’t be fast and furious if your IT operation is clunky. Parallels RAS’ virtual application delivery streamlines IT network operations, allowing the IT team to cut back on the costs and time expenditures they would otherwise be expected to dedicate to managing application delivery over a remote network.

Efficiency at remote endpoints is a key reason customers are choosing IGEL as the endpoint solution to support a remote workforce. With Parallels RAS we convert any device, anywhere, into a endpoint and deliver to the remote user the VDI and applications they need to be productive.

Simon Clephan

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