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Easily Navigate EUC Industry Turbulence with IGEL OS

Easily Navigate EUC Industry Turbulence with IGEL OS

Recent news regarding the two most historically influential companies within the VDI industry has shone a spotlight on an ever-changing, dynamic environment for organizations looking to deliver secure, controlled, and productive end-user virtual experiences to their people.  Last year, Citrix announced major organizational leadership changes coupled with some significant employee layoffs. And just last week, Broadcom announced its intention to acquire VMware for $61 billion, making it one of the largest acquisitions in tech history.

For organizations using technologies and products from these two companies to deliver virtual apps and desktops to their end-users, some may be feeling a bit concerned about the future, especially in terms of how they will continue to manage and control their end-users’ digital workspaces.

The Future Requires Agility

At IGEL, we view this very recent history as further evidence that the delivery of digital workspaces to end users is continuing to evolve. That is why IGEL OS is designed for secure access to any digital workspace regardless of the products and technologies used for delivery and access. Whether it’s virtual apps, virtual desktops, web-based apps, DaaS, SaaS, multi-cloud, Citrix, VMware, Microsoft AVD/Windows 365/cloud PC, IGEL OS is the lightweight, modular, and secure Linux-based OS that is ideal for any and all of these scenarios. And any others that may emerge in the future as more and more apps and workloads move to the cloud.

Think of it this way. To access any form of cloud-delivered apps or services from your endpoint device of choice, the best option is to use an endpoint operating system that:

  • Is secure from malware and other endpoint threats
  • Is easy to manage and control at scale
  • Enables a great end-user experience for a highly distributed workforce
  • Reduces hardware capital and management and energy operating costs

As the way we all work and communicate continues to evolve over the next 5, 10, or even 20 years, organizations powering their endpoints today with IGEL OS know they already have the ideal managed endpoint OS for secure access to any digital workspace. It has been purpose-built to deliver freedom of choice and agility for a future-proofed digital workspace.

Further, for those companies currently worried about ransomware or bogged down with managing their hundreds or even many thousands of endpoints, the correct endpoint OS choice is IGEL OS. It will help IT  teams sleep better at night and make both IT and end-users more productive now and into the future. There’s no better time to discover the value of IGEL OS. It’s as easy as a simple download from

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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