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Forget the Super Bowl! The Real Players are in Austin February 6-8! It’s Game On at IGEL’s First DISRUPT End User Computing Event!

They say nothing succeeds like success, and don’t we know it, as we’re still celebrating the amazing turnout at IGEL’s EMEA DISRUPT event earlier this month. Now, we’re on to DISRUPT Austin, February 6-8.  This extraordinary gathering of top executives from the EUC community promises to be, not a sequel, but an equal to the excitement and energy level we experienced in Bremen, Germany.

There are so many positive takeaways from IGEL DISRUPT in Bremen.  All of these features you will also see at DISRUPT Austin.  Here are just a few:

  • Not a cattle-call trade show, DISRUPT is intimate in size so conversations can have depth instead of being lost in a sea of thousands. J
  • We’re laser focused on end user computing (EUC) so talks and sessions will have substance and information you can use to build your EUC-related business.
  • Its name says it all: we’re not status quo.  You’ll hear and discuss disruptive trends such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), and how EUC may just be the natural precursor to IoT! We’ve invited Stephen DiFranco from IoT Advisory Group to share his thoughts on the future of hundreds of billions of sensors and tens of billions of connected devices.
  • You’ll have a priceless opportunity, in a smaller venue, to have productive conversations with top executives from Citrix, VMware, IGEL and with other EUC thought leaders from companies such as Lakeside Software, deviceTRUST, Sennheiser and PrinterLogic.
  • We even have a few surprise guests including Brian Madden…yes the famous Brian Madden coming out of retirement for his first presentation since leaving Tech Target.
  • We also have John Majeski (former CTO of Dell/Wyse) speaking on where he sees the industry headed and the power of software.
  • And we’ll be covering one of the most important challenges facing IT today: equality for women. We’ve invited Eva Helen (Former President of Sanbolic, sold to Citrix) to share her story and provide new organizational EQ Inspiration.
  • Putting this thought leadership into practical application, you can become one of the first IGEL Certified Engineers (ICE) by attending the DISRUPT Technical Boot Camp on Tuesday February 6th.

EUC Immersion

DISRUPT is proving the EUC community is looking for a venue in which to share experiences, exchange ideas, and shape the future.  We have an impressive group of 34 global sponsors who will be participating in keynotes, talk shows and workshops.  Based on the Bremen experience, we can promise you will find DISRUPT an amazing cross-section of inspirational speakers who are also hands-on business strategists-a great combination!
If you haven’t already, click here to register for DISRUPT Austin.

View the full DISRUPT agenda here.

It’s game on in Austin!  Be there to be an EUC pro in 2018!


P.S.  If you really can’t get away to Austin, we’ll be live streaming all the main stage presentations, the technical boot camp and some workshops, so register on line at

Jed Ayres

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