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Great Expectations: Returning to the Virtualization Universe

Great Expectations: Returning to the Virtualization Universe

The following blog was written by Brad Tompkins following the announcement today that he has joined IGEL as Vice President of Sales. 


IGEL North America CEO Jed Ayres and I met a decade ago as we led sales and marketing teams to drive the emerging virtualization environment at separate companies.  We rode the wave of Server, Application and Desktop virtualization that opened the door to cost-effective, alternative endpoint solutions.

That’s why joining IGEL as Vice President of Sales feels like a homecoming of sorts. After seven years exploring other technologies (Converged Infrastructure, Open Source, PaaS, IaaS, CI/CD, et al.), I’m joining what most people know as a Endpoint company.  To be sure, Endpoints are paying the bills today.  But what lies down the road?  If last year’s YoY Software growth of 95% is any indication, a lot of exciting things lie ahead.

IGEL is an innovative company that understands that endpoint security and optimization software is the key to delivering powerful virtual desktops and that a robust channel is the preferred way to integrate this software into the larger VDI and XaaS environment.

So why am I bullish on IGEL?  A few major reasons:

  • IGEL’s technology is disruptive.  It is leading the industry in endpoint advancements such as the UD Pocket which prevents costly security breaches while giving users the consistent desktop experience they expect.
  • IGEL understands the budgeting challenges faced by most IT organizations.  Our customers extend the life of hardware investments by employing our technology.
  • IGEL’s sales, marketing and development teams understand that enterprises are now digitally driven.  Our R&D approach is laser focused on new innovations that support this model.  With our Alliance Partners, we help enable a virtual desktop that fits the cost concerns and scalability enterprises demand.
  • IGEL also understands device management can make or break a product.  I am impressed by IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) which is simply the industry’s most complete, powerful endpoint security and optimization console.  When I heard that some customers were ­literally applauding our demos, I knew I had to join this team!


Besides the superb technology and team, another attraction is IGEL’s devotion to the channel.  As someone who has worked extensively in channel relationships, and with Jed on channel programs, I am really stoked about the opportunity to help our IGEL partners increase profitability and grow their business, along with ours.

We’re looking to deliver a 2017 sales record that exceeds our stellar 2016 performance. Supporting our channel partners and having the right technology is the key.  Let’s make this a great year for our IGEL partners and the industry’s best endpoint software!

I hope to see you at  Citrix Synergy.  Please stop by and say hello!

Brad Tompkins

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