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IGEL and Workspace ONE Up the Ante When It Comes to Workspace and Endpoint Security

IGEL and Workspace ONE Up the Ante When It Comes to Workspace and Endpoint Security

At the beginning of 2024, IGEL Technology announced integration with Workspace ONE Access.

IGEL Technology has been a bastion of secure endpoints for over two decades.  In the Spring of 2023, the company introduced IGEL OS 12, it is the first modular endpoint operating system designed for accessing desktops and applications running in the cloud.

Every aspect of IGEL OS 12 was built and runs with security first.  From the boot process to application authentication, the IGEL Preventative Security Model™ ensures that devices running IGEL OS 12 are secure and have not been compromised.

Years ago, IGEL recognized that the move to a cloud-first approach applications and workloads was accelerating.  Desktops, applications, data, and identity would live in the cloud… or at the very least, be accessible through the cloud.  Working securely in this new world would require an endpoint device designed to fit this purpose, and IGEL is delivering through its state-of-the-art OS that is filled with security features.

Integration with Workspace ONE Access

One of these features is IGEL Single Sign-On.  Integration with Workspace ONE Access delivers a seamless user experience whereby a device running IGEL OS is configured to authenticate users directly against their organizations Workspace ONE Access identity provider.  The IGEL OS device boots directly to the organization’s Workspace ONE Access login screen and is not usable for any purpose until a valid user is authenticated and authorized.

An IGEL OS 12 device configured to use Workspace ONE Access will be familiar to the user, displaying the Workspace ONE Access login screen.  Once authentication is complete, the user enters the IGEL desktop, and an OAuth 2 access token is created for connecting the user to applications.

From the IGEL desktop, the user is authenticated by any application that supports OAuth 2 provided the application is a registered client in Workspace ONE Access.  Most often, the IGEL application running locally is a browser that connects to the Workspace ONE Access Catalog.  Any application launched from the Catalog will use the same OAuth 2 authorization code flow that was initiated when the user was first authenticated using IGEL Single Sign-On.  Of course, when the user is done working and logs off the IGEL desktop, all OAuth 2 tokens are destroyed. It is a beautiful thing!

IGEL and Workspace ONE will be introducing more integrations throughout 2024 to further enhance secure access to applications and data, including working with Workspace ONE UEM to support conditional access, advanced application access through the Horizon Cloud Services next-gen platform, and support for industry-specific workflows like those in healthcare and financial services.  So, keep an eye out for new feature announcements by IGEL and Workspace ONE.

Visit IGEL at HIMSS 24 in booth #4362 on March 11 – 15 in Orlando.

Jeff Kalberg

Principal Technology Evangelist at IGEL
Posted in Cybersecurity
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