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IGEL At Your Service

How IGEL Advanced Services are Helping Customers Focus on Other Strategic Priorities

When you make the decision to adopt IGEL to enhance your end user computing (EUC) environment, you want to realize IGEL’s value as quickly as possible. And, there’s no easier, or faster way, than to turn to IGEL Advanced Services.

IGEL Advanced Services will not only help you maximize your IGEL investment, it will also ensure that your IGEL environment is configured to IGEL best practices, built to scale and be sure you are using IGEL solutions to their fullest – so no advantage gets overlooked.

Sure, we know that IGEL is simple to use. However, sometimes the environment, infrastructure and deployment can add complexity that may slow you down – if you don’t leverage best practices and the decades of experience you can get from IGEL’s technical resources and experts. Here are the benefits:

  • Implement Faster. Consider the value of speeding your EUC design, deployment and customization processes using IGEL Advanced Services resources. Your IT team can be freed up for other strategic projects while your users can benefit more quickly from the high performance and increased productivity of an IGEL OS-powered device. Plus, you realize cost savings and enhance endpoint security much faster. Faster time to value!
  • Realize ROI Sooner. Next, study how you can accelerate IGEL adoption – and your return on investment – by leveraging the insights of an IGEL Technical Relationship Manager (TRM). A single point of contact for ALL IGEL technical activities, an IGEL TRM is your proactive resource to ensure customer success, product and engineering inquiries or services so that you can be assured the white glove service your environment deserves.
  • Become an EUC Expert. Finally, see how IGEL Advanced Services can help you further your EUC education and training. With formal training programs designed for all levels of expertise, IGEL has the self-paced learning through our online Learning Management System (LMS) or live instructor-based training that will make you an expert in no time flat.

But don’t just take our words for it. Our customers continue to share overwhelming feedback on our Advanced Services offerings, value they are receiving from our services and benefits of having trusted technical advisors as an extension of their teams to help them achieve their business goals!

For example, take this comment from one of our existing customers, (one of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S):

“We can be a very demanding company to deal and interact with sometimes, but our IGEL Technical Relationship Manager (TRM) is extremely great about working with us and helping us solve our issues. He is very customer focused of which we greatly appreciate… We would not be as far along with getting our infrastructure steadied out and ready for deployments without him. So again, I just wanted to say how much we appreciate his knowledge and hard work.”

Let us show you how IGEL Advanced Services can deliver the value you seek from your EUC environment. Contact us today for a consultation. We’re at your service!

Irfan Khurshid

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