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IGEL, Citrix and Imprivata Strengthen and Simplify Hospital Endpoint Operation, Management, and Control

IGEL, Citrix and Imprivata Strengthen and Simplify Hospital Endpoint Operation, Management, and Control

Hospital clinicians and staff have some of the most demanding and time-sensitive jobs that exist in our modern, technology driven society. They are charged with delivering the most effective care, based on the most current, accurate patient data available, while being held accountable for protecting patients’ data and privacy. Technical advancements like cloud-based application delivery and storage are helping with efficiency and productivity. At the same time, so many changes are happening simultaneously in healthcare technology that IT staff is becoming more overburdened to keep up.

Healthcare IT and security staff are looking for solutions to the growing complexity of managing so many computing and network technologies – all in one organization. At the endpoint and device level, clinicians and staff want technology to help with secure data and application access and otherwise stay out of the way. They expect and need their user profile to consistently follow them from one device to another and between rooms, buildings, campuses and even home, with no lag in workflow.  And senior IT management is looking to do all of this as cost-effectively as possible.

IGEL, Citrix Workspace and Imprivata OneSign are meeting these needs and joining together as a Citrix Ready Bundled Solution designed to provide clinicians the secure, convenient, easy access they want – regardless of what device they’re using, or in what physical location they are working. Citrix Workspace integrates with IGEL OS on endpoint devices and Imprivata OneSign to provide seamless, secure no-touch access to virtual apps and desktops as well as increasingly common SaaS-based clinical apps.

Users tap their badge on the Imprivata reader connected to an IGEL OS powered endpoint to launch or reconnect to their Citrix virtual apps and desktops. Imprivata OneSign provides single sign-on (SSO) and virtual desktop automation, fully authenticating the user and giving them rapid access to all relevant applications. Citrix Gateway then securely delivers the clinical user’s workspace environment to the endpoint device running IGEL OS.

Providing this level of security at the endpoint is vital to meeting compliance regulations and to help mitigate the risk of digital data theft. It reflects the simple, safe, secure user experience that is IGEL’s core vision. We are dedicated to making the endpoint management environment the most efficient and as secure as possible for IT staff, and for supporting clinicians as they deliver the best patient care. Our Citrix Ready Bundled Solution brings our vision into simple, day-to-day clinical care reality.

For more information, view IGEL and Imprivata profiles on the Citrix Ready Marketplace, or take a few minutes to read the solution brief for more detail on how IGEL OS, Citrix Workspace and Imprivata combine to provide an optimized endpoint solution for hospital clinical staff productivity.

Also visit with us in the Citrix Ready Booth 1741 at HIMSS 2020 to explore how we can help you serve your healthcare customers with a bundled solution that gives them the most seamless digital user experience.

Dan O'Farrell

Dan O'Farrell is the VP of Product Marketing at IGEL
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