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IGEL Builds on Industry-Leading Endpoint Management and Control Capabilities with new UMS Features

IGEL Builds on Industry-Leading Endpoint Management and Control Capabilities with new UMS Features

IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS) is the industry standard for managing tens of thousands of endpoints accessing digital workspaces from a single pane of glass. We are always finding ways to raise the bar, knowing that our network of partners and their customers around the world must stay ahead of end-user trends like a growing remote and distributed workforce. With the introduction of UMS 6.07.100, we are helping our partners and customers further improve endpoint management and control in today’s diverse corporate environments, as well as address customer needs for those using the UMS Web App.

UMS Web App

The development of the UMS Web App is inspired by a number of IGEL’s customer use cases. With the finalization of the help desk use case, IGEL has begun working on the next use case of device management and control. It allows users to manage IGEL OS-powered devices easily and intuitively via the UMS Web App. As a first step towards this, IGEL has introduced the new configuration section of the Web App.

This configuration section enables IT to manage and structure profiles within a directory tree. Users can create and structure directories and subdirectories, rename profiles, and assign devices or add files to profiles.

Customers have expressed a strong liking for the Web App, especially the convenience of using it to manage and control IGEL OS-powered endpoints. At the same time, they want more control over what functions can occur at the application level. We answer this need with app-specific features to enable more restrictions:

  • A new restriction helps prevent admins and help desk staff from accidentally performing bulk actions. It gives the option of limiting users from performing an action affecting all devices, and applies to all device-related actions and commands. User rights for single device or bulk actions for the web app are first set in the UMS console.
  • Additionally, we have added a restriction that limits new users from deleting logs. IT can also set up the restriction for existing users.

UMS Console

Monitoring the health of IGEL OS-powered endpoints is one of the main daily tasks of an administrator. Quickly and easily identifying devices that are no longer operating as intended helps troubleshoot problems and maintain a stable infrastructure.

Our newly introduced Heartbeat feature makes it much easier to detect devices that become non-operational. An activated Heartbeat configures all devices to execute a regular signal back to the UMS. How often the device should trigger a signal can easily be defined by the chosen interval.

Every Heartbeat will trigger an update of the new system information Last Contact. Based on this timestamp, customers can create views and identify endpoints which have not contacted the UMS within a specific time period.

This facilitates identifying ‘dead’ devices which can be unused assets, out-of-date devices, and worse, devices that are no longer secure.

Another simple but powerful improvement is the new view criteria Configuration Change Pending. It allows admins to more easily search for devices which are still waiting for updated settings, including the latest configuration to be applied to the device. Once these devices are identified, you can trigger any action needed to complete the configuration update.

Better Control, More Options

IGEL partners depend on us to anticipate customer challenges in our evolving digital workspace culture and to provide new innovations like our updated UMS 6.07.100. Its features further refine how IT can securely and efficiently manage IGEL OS-powered endpoint environments, whether using the console or the Web App.

Let’s see how we can help your customers have the most secure, efficient management and control of all their devices – all from a single screen! Check out top reasons you should choose the IGEL Universal Management Suite here, then download the complete UMS data sheet here.

Daniela Morgner

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