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IGEL Community: We’re Smarter than Ever with Three New and Updated User Guides!

Synergy was a blast!  Thanks to our ever-expanding IGEL Community for participating in all the workshops, sessions and hospitality events, not to mention the IT Baller Money Machine, the hit of the entire show!

Now you’re back at your desk. The show swag is tucked away, and you’re wondering, what’s next from IGEL?  We’ve been busy, parallel processing, so to speak, and have just published not one but three new or updated ‘getting started’ guides.

You will find all three guides on the IGEL Resources page.  Here’s a brief rundown:

UPDATED! IGEL Software Platform – How to Install Step-by-Step Guide

Who wants to read numerous manuals and web support articles to understand a foundational software program?  We agree!  Our IGEL software platform guide document gives you the tools and understanding you need to install and configure the trial software.  It will walk you, step-by-step, through what is required for you to get up and running in a proof-of-concept or lab scenario.

When finished, you will have a fully working IGEL End-Point Management Platform consisting of the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) and at least one IGEL OS installed, connected and centrally managed!

All this, in one document that saves you time and hassles!

NEW! How to Customize the IGEL OS User Interface Guide

Whether you’re a Tesla person or like the familiarity of a ten-year-old Chevy truck, we know personal taste in design matters.  IGEL believes our IT Community should have the flexibility and control to design their user’s experience the way they see fit. With the UMS and IGEL OS, you have that ability, as almost everything a user sees can be customized. Use our guide to walk through what it takes to customize the look and feel of the IGEL OS!  

UPDATED! IGEL Update Firmware Guide

Here’s a complete look at the different types of firmware updates and options for deployment.  It also guides you step-by-step through the process of downloading and deploying the free IGEL OS updates via the IGEL UMS and ICG.

IGEL Community:  Powerful and Smart!

We just officially launched our IGEL Community in March and it is THE place to go to share ideas and hear about how other colleagues are using new approaches to end user computing.  If you haven‘t already, join us as a LinkedIn Group or as an active Slack Group.  You’ll access new white papers, share tips and tricks with other thought leaders and have a little fun along the way!  All valuable and easy to participate!

Join us!

Doug Brown

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