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IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: ControlUp

IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: ControlUp

It is only a few short weeks until IGEL DISRUPT 24! Taking place in Miami, Fla., from April 29 through May 1, IGEL DISRUPT 24 will provide attendees with an incredible opportunity to hear from and engage with more than 45 thought leaders and visionaries, including analysts and technology experts.

We are continuing the IGEL DISRUPT 24 sponsor interview series with Joel Stocker, Director of Product Marketing at ControlUp. Read on for insights on ControlUp’s partnership with IGEL and why they look forward to joining us this year for IGEL DISRUPT.

Tell us about your company and how you partner/go to market with IGEL.

Joel Stocker: ControlUp’s advanced monitoring and management capabilities enhance IGEL’s offerings by providing comprehensive insights into endpoint performance, employee experience, and resource utilization. With ControlUp’s real-time analytics and troubleshooting tools, IGEL administrators can optimize endpoint operations, diagnose issues promptly, and ensure a seamless user experience. Together, ControlUp and IGEL provide an exceptional Digital Employee Experience.

Why do you partner with IGEL, and how long have you been an IGEL partner?

Joel Stocker: As the leading provider of digital employee experience monitoring in the VDI & DaaS market, it makes sense for ControlUp to closely align with the leading provider of the secure endpoint OS for VDI & DaaS environments. ControlUp has been an IGEL partner since 2021, and during that time, we have closely collaborated with IGEL around the integration of our technologies and, of course, with our joint customers in mind.

Do you have any examples of customers who have benefited from using your solution with IGEL?

Joel Stocker: One example of this was the rapid delivery of IGEL endpoints to optimize the efficiency of vaccine clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic wore on and vaccines became widely available in late 2020, our customer, a healthcare provider, began setting up pop-up clinics to vaccinate staff and the broader community as vaccination eligibility expanded. To support these clinics and drive more efficient scheduling and check-in for vaccination appointments, the healthcare organization leveraged IGEL in setting up computerized kiosks and vaccine sites.

With IGEL OS, it was simple for the healthcare provider’s IT staff to reconfigure endpoints to function as Firefox kiosks where clinical staff could securely access vaccine appointment and registration data through the Firefox browser. This enabled the clinics to optimize their efficiency and vaccinate more people in shorter time frames, especially during periods of high demand for vaccines, with 665,000 vaccines administered during the first half of 2021 alone.

Why did ControlUp sponsor IGEL DISRUPT 24, and what are you most fired up about the event?

Joel Stocker: ControlUp’s sponsorship of IGEL DISRUPT underscores our commitment to driving innovation and collaboration within the endpoint management industry. As a leading provider of digital experience monitoring and management solutions, ControlUp recognizes the significance of events like IGEL DISRUPT in fostering dialogue, sharing best practices, and showcasing cutting-edge technologies. By sponsoring IGEL DISRUPT, ControlUp not only demonstrates its support for the IGEL community, but gains valuable opportunities to engage with industry peers, showcase its solutions, and contribute to the advancement of endpoint management practices.

What do you and your organization want to achieve at DISRUPT 2024?

Joel Stocker: At IGEL DISRUPT, we are proud to showcase the unity shared between IGEL and ControlUp. The ControlUp team always welcomes the opportunity to connect with the EUC community, customers, and partners. There is no better place to do this than IGEL DISRUPT, a leading EUC-focused industry event. We are looking forward to contributing to the education and insight the attendees will gain at this cutting-edge conference and welcome the opportunity to learn alongside our community members.

What will you present at DISRUPT 2024, and what do you want attendees to take away from your session?

Joel Stocker: We will present a live demo of how ControlUp can monitor the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) when connecting to VDI, DaaS, or SaaS applications. DEX is not just metrics. It’s the ability to relate what the employee is going through and, if needed, take action to resolve it quickly. DEX cross-references data from multiple sources to ensure you get ‘All angles’ on what the user is experiencing in real-time. For more on this, be sure to check out the breakout session by Marcel Calef, Americas Field CTO: Helping IT Organizations Deliver an Exceptional DEX (Digital Employee Experience) in any platform!

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Divya Saggar

Director of IGEL Ready, IGEL
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