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IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: eG Innovations

IGEL DISRUPT 24 Sponsor Q&A Interview: eG Innovations

In just a few short weeks, we will be welcoming our partners and customers to IGEL DISRUPT 24!

As the only global event in 2024 dedicated solely to EUC, attendees can look forward to an action-packed agenda that will immerse them in thought leadership content, technical bootcamps, and customer discussions on endpoint cybersecurity, the futureproofing of digital workspaces, and how to drive innovation in the new hybrid working world.

We are continuing the IGEL DISRUPT 24 sponsor interview series with Jordan Rothstein, Senior Solutions Engineer, eG Innovations. Read on for insights on how eG Innovations partners with IGEL, and what excites them most about this year’s event.

Tell us about your company and how you partner with IGEL?

Jordan Rothstein: eG Innovations delivers a suite of monitoring and observability solutions for any type of digital workspace – whether Citrix, Horizon, Amazon Workspaces/AppStream, or Azure Virtual Desktop.

Our customers use our solutions to proactively monitor workspaces on-premises or in the cloud, to enhance user satisfaction and productivity, improve operational efficiency and reduce mean time to repair. End-to-end monitoring, diagnosis and reporting is a key capability we offer to our customers and monitoring of IGEL endpoints in context are a key to achieving the visibility that customers need to troubleshoot performance issues quickly.

We partner with IGEL to make sure our solutions are optimized for IGEL products and support their latest architecture and platforms. We have been an IGEL partner since 2021.

Do you have any examples of customers who have benefited from using your solution with IGEL?

Jordan Rothstein: Several customers in the healthcare vertical have benefited from eG Innovation’s Single Pane of Glass approach to monitoring their Endpoints, Networks, Infrastructure—on-premises/Cloud, Applications, and User Experience.

For example, using eG Innovation’s AIOps capabilities like Automatic Event Correlation and Machine Learning Capabilities, our customers are able to identify the root cause of complex performance issues proactively before customers get impacted.

For a specific healthcare customer, there were constant complaints of poor user experience (high latency) for the physicians’ VDI Sessions. eG Enterprise was able to provide a single pane of glass for monitoring the Citrix VDI environment within the data center, IGEL Endpoints used by physicians at the hospitals, and the network connectivity between IGEL and Citrix. Using eG Innovation’s out-of-the-box dashboards and reports, the customer was able to prove that It was not a Citrix or IGEL Issue. It was a network misconfiguration that was causing Citrix VDI Packets to get dropped resulting in slow Citrix sessions.

Why did eG Innovations sponsor IGEL DISRUPT 24, and what are you most fired up about the event?

Jordan Rothstein: Over the last three years, DISRUPT has become the premier event that customers and partners deploying and managing digital workspaces attend. We can meet existing customers, demonstrate our latest products to new prospects, and explore opportunities to recruit new partners.

It is a no-brainer for eG Innovations to be a sponsor at this event. It’s a great opportunity for us to see the latest enhancements in IGEL products and other ecosystem technologies that we inter-operate with. We’re looking forward to understanding how customers are responding to the new changes in the digital workspace products and at the same time, looking forward to demonstrating our latest multi-tenant observability solution and the managed service opportunities it offers to IGEL’s value-added partners.

What is your definition of a dream vacation, and why?

Jordan Rothstein: I love traveling, and one of my favorite ways to spend a vacation is at festivals and events. There is something special about the energy of a large group of like-minded people coming together over a shared interest. There is always a friendly and open atmosphere, in which it is easy to approach anyone and have a conversation about ideas and experiences that you both agree are interesting and exciting.

Don’t miss the only global event in 2024 that is solely focused on EUC! Register today.

Matt Lods

Matt Lods is IGEL Ready Operations Manager.
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