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IGEL Jumps to #3 Position in U.S. Endpoint Market!

IGEL Jumps to #3 Position in U.S. Endpoint Market!

IDC Report Notes that IGEL is Grabbing Endpoint Market Share while also Delivering Software Innovation

IGEL Jumps to #3 Position in U.S. Endpoint Market

It’s time to take a victory lap. This week IDC has released a new Topline report, “Endpoints as Attractive Solutions for Cost-Effective, Secure Endpoint security and optimization,” based on the IDC Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker 2017Q4. The report shows that IGEL has moved from 7th in U.S. endpoint market share to 3rd Worldwide, IGEL claims the 4th spot in terms of endpoint revenue.

The numbers tell the story. Keeping our eye on the prize, in the US, we not only moved up in the traditional endpoint hardware market rankings with units shipped growth of more than 35%, but we also grew our overall business worldwide as a result of our laser focus on simple, smart and secure endpoint solutions.

IGEL’s impressive growth in endpoint hardware market share is only one part of our great story. We have also marked a record year in software sales! Add in our software revenue, and it’s clear IGEL is the go-to solution for enterprises worldwide looking for endpoint and endpoint security and optimization solutions that are cost-effective and secure.

Our software numbers speak for themselves:

  • In the US, a 589% increase in software license revenue
  • Worldwide, more than 115,000 software-only licenses shipped in 2017, with 55,000 in Q4 alone

In Western Europe we were also up, even though the region was flat. Consider these successes:

  • Over 205,000 units shipped
  • A 7% increase in endpoint shipments while all other major Western European endpoint suppliers saw declining shipments.

What’s Behind the Numbers

It’s one thing to see a market opportunity. It’s another thing to have the goods to leverage that opportunity. IGEL made a big leap in endpoint market share because we paid attention to customer needs, and as IDC noted, “Comparing the performance of IGEL versus its larger competitors reveals diverging trends, where the larger vendors have been on a down trend for several years.” Another telling comment from IDC: “Despite their market shares, the seeming neglect of endpoint portfolios by major vendors such as Dell and HP Inc. leaves room for endpoint vendors such as IGEL to grab market share through new services releases.”

The IDC report is also remarkable in that, for the first time, IDC acknowledges the market of x86 PC repurposing that IGEL is driving with our Universal Desktop Converter.  The UDC converts any x86 device, regardless of manufacturer or form factor. This endpoint conversion software takes only minutes to turn old devices into a universally deployable IGEL Linux-based endpoint. It brings value back to legacy equipment, saves organizations money, and is one of the reasons our software sales are through the roof!

We love this statement from IDC: “While endpoint hardware has generally seen little evolution in recent years, it is in software where the most innovations are taking place and where IGEL has focused on differentiating itself from its competitors.”

Constant Innovation

IDC also gives a shout out to IGEL’s UD Pocket, our USB 3.0–based appliance that allows users to convert any 64-bit x86 device (including PC and Mac) into a endpoint device. The device offers the flexibility to boot the x86 device into IGEL’s Linux-based OS or native OS. With the same security and UMS capabilities as standard endpoint offerings, it’s another great example of IGEL’s constant innovation that is moving us to the head of the pack!

Security Focus

IGEL is also pleased that IDC is recognizing our commitment to providing the most secure endpoint solutions:  “IGEL’s focus on securing devices also inspires customer confidence, as demonstrated through their rapid Spectre and Meltdown patching for IGEL devices running on x86 processors.”

Our Linux-based OS, two-factor authentication, and trusted execution are some of the key attributes of our portfolio that give our partners confidence IGEL is on its game in providing organizations secure endpoint computing.

Access the full IDC Topline report, “Endpoints as Attractive Solutions for Cost-Effective, Secure Endpoint security and optimization” at

Let’s Make 2018 an Even Better Record Year!

Jed Ayres

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