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IGEL Launches New Online Learning Academy

IGEL Launches New Online Learning Academy

Robust Online Learning Platform Now Available to Help Our Customers, and Partners

Getting up to speed quickly on a product can be a challenging activity for customers and partners alike. Success depends on solid learning tools and efficient means of obtaining certification when and where necessary. To this purpose, IGEL is excited – and dare we say, proud – to announce the new IGEL Academy, a robust Learning Management System (LMS) serving as a central source of learning materials on all things IGEL.

Our customers and partners have described what they are looking for in a Learning Management System (LMS): an easier method to train themselves; 24×7 access to learning systems; faster certification, and the ability to conduct self-paced learning, whether on the road, in the office or in an airport.

Our training team took these needs into account and launched IGEL Academy! Here are a few of the key IGEL Academy features:

  • Online certification testing and scoring. Accelerated certification, that formerly took as long as three months, is now just one click away upon successfully passing the certification exam.
  • Free training access. Our first two online certifications via the Learning Academy are free: the IGEL Certified Professional and IGEL Sales Professionals certifications. Other training programs will be added after the launch and on regular basis. Visit IGEL Academy as often as you can.
  • Online course tracking. Goodbye spreadsheets! All course tracking is done online, enabling participants to view and maintain records virtually for ease of use, regardless of location.
  • Self-paced learning. IGEL Administrators and busy sales professionals can now go online from the office or on the road, picking up where they left off.

The IGEL Learning Academy site will be a richer repository of material as well, with more videos added on a regular basis, so information is always fresh. Dynamically changing the material ensures our  partners and customers are always in sync with IGEL’s latest innovations.

Of course, IGEL will also continue to host on-site trainings, but now our valued customers and partners  will also have the option of using our online Learning Management System (LMS).

Go to IGEL Academy and take a look at the learning site. You can sign in for free and kick the tires. Our training team worked extensively on our learning site and would also love to hear your feedback.

Check out our introductory video on the IGEL Academy.

Let’s learn together!

Irfan Khurshid

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