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IGEL Milestone:  IGEL Gains CRN Recognition for its Cloud Partner Programs

IGEL Milestone: IGEL Gains CRN Recognition for its Cloud Partner Programs

The Cloud is here, no one can dispute that. It’s got to be the most efficient way to deliver infrastructure today.

Desktops from the cloud are the future – who wants to run all that infrastructure in the background and worry about networking, storage and compute resources? Let’s leave that to the cloud folks: Amazon, Azure, Google and IBM are going to be better for any small or medium size business.

How can IGEL help? Well for one thing, wherever you get your desktop you are still going to need something on the desktop that helps you display, run and manage your applications even if they are in the cloud. And guess what? The average business is going to need some help with getting that endpoint configured and most importantly, made secure, and THAT is why I am so delighted that IGEL has been named to the CRN Cloud Partner Program. The 2017 Cloud Partner Program Guide will be featured in the October issue of CRN and can be viewed online at

Small and medium business need solutions and a partner to implement those solutions that fit with their business. Partners like Entisys360, MTM Technologies, Right! Systems

and Bechtle in Europe are helping customers be successful with DaaS. IGEL has helped too, with the UDC for permanently converting older hardware to IGEL OS, with UD Pocket for temporarily repurposing a device, and with the IGEL Cloud Gateway (think no VPN needed) to ensure every device that can access the Internet is now securely manageable.

IGEL and its partners are primed to bring cloud-based VDI to the market. Here’s looking forward to partnering with you for the next generation desktop.


Simon Clephan

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