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IGEL and Plan B Deliver it All for Fulton Financial

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone tried an IGEL endpoint as an alternative to a Windows PC? That’s what Fulton Financial Corporation did, and guess what? They discovered that the IGEL Universal Desktop (UD6) delivers a Windows PC experience without the inconvenience, cost and management headaches of an actual Windows PC.

IGEL’s deployment of more than 2,300 UD6 endpoints for Fulton Financial’s Lancaster, PA headquarters and branch offices is one of our latest victories in which IGEL won a ‘bake-off’ against the competition. Our Platinum Partner, Plan B Technologies, facilitated the testing to validate how IGEL could support Fulton Financial’s desire to upgrade its endpoints to deliver Citrix VDI throughout its locations.

Begun last year, the deployment is a stellar success. In the coming months we will be adding more endpoints to serve all of Fulton’s more than 3,500 end users.

One of the key reasons we won this particular bake-off is Fulton Financial’s need for an endpoint solution that could support multimedia. Like many organizations now, Fulton Financial wants to use audio and video technologies to deliver a richer media experience in training programs and internal communications. IGEL solved this easily because the UD6 fast Intel Celeron® quad-core processor supports 3D and other rich media applications.

In one IGEL endpoint solution, Fulton Financial has met all its key objectives:

  • High-performance multi-media capability
  • ‘Hands-free’, endpoint security and optimization via IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS)
  • Centralized management and cost savings using the UMS
  • PC-level performance without the PC investment
  • Superior integration with Citrix virtualization solutions

We are winning against the competition because we really do have it all: stellar performance, simple, secure management and functionality like multimedia enabling processors that match how employees want to receive information today.

Take a minute to learn more: click here for the case study or watch the video here.

Simon Clephan

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