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IGEL Releases 11.05.100 – check out the new features here! #WVD part 2 – Covering Zoom VDI offloading with Jeff Kalberg and much more!

IGEL Releases 11.05.100 – check out the new features here! #WVD part 2 – Covering Zoom VDI offloading with Jeff Kalberg and much more!

26th February -21 During IGEL Disrupt Unite the Dev/PM team released a new firmware for IGEL OS, the brand new 11.05.100. Let us have a look at the new features for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop – part 2!

  • New login mask modernizing the login experience
  • Ezeep Cloud Printing by ThinPrint
  • Zoom VDI plugin for WVD
  • Fabulatech USB- Webcam- and Scanner-Redirection for WVD

Today we will go through the last two features, if you missed the part 1 you can find it by clicking here!
Now, lets have a look at todays topics

Zoom VDI plugin for WVD

Finally I can present to you the Zoom VDI plugin for WVD! And I can tell that it works well above expectations. Camera quality is sharp, framerate is very good as you can se in the below video recording and the audio quality is perfect. Keep in mind that the user experience is basically set depending on the camera and equipment the user has. Internet connectivity and latency also play a big role in the user experience, but hey, that’s the case with any video conferencing right?!. A cheap quality camera will give a cheap experience etc.
Fred and Jeff took the opportunity to record a multipart conferencing call where the main recorded screen that you see in the video below is using a IGEL UD3 endpoint utilizing the Zoom VDI offloading in Windows Virtual Desktop.

IGEL OS Zoom VDI Offloading in Windows Virtual Desktop

FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop, Webcam for Remote Desktop and Scanner-Redirection for WVD

IGEL OS now has full support for the FabulaTech Optimization type 1 scenarios, where you can map any USB device to your WVD session using ‘FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop’, you can use the ‘FabulaTech Webcam for Remote Desktop’ to provide webcam access to any application within your WVD environment and If you need a scanner connected to your WVD session, the ‘FabulaTech Scanner for Remote Desktop’ is included. Those three components are now configurable in IGEL OS to be used in your Windows Virtual Desktop session. The below video shows when I’m using my Poly webcam in Microsoft Teams, in WVD connecting form an IGEL OS endpoint. It also covers FabulaTech USB for Remote Desktop, where I’m hooking up a Saitek x52 joystick to my WVD session. Awesome if you want to run that flight simulator in the cloud!
I’m restricted to test the FabulaTech Scanner for Remote Desktop simple because i do not posses a scanner :(:(:(

FabulaTech integration in IGEL OS enabled for Windows Virtual Desktop

That’s it for today!
Stay Well!


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