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IGEL’s 2019 Sweepstakes will have an Electrifying Finish!

IGEL’s 2019 Sweepstakes will have an Electrifying Finish!


Fast on the heels of our successful IT Baller giveaway contest, we are running our 2019 “I Challenge Everything” sweepstakes and it is really ahead of the curve in all angles:  IGEL is giving away the all-electric new Porsche Taycan.  The winner for this sweepstakes will have the option of a cash equivalent prize ($85K) or donating the prize money to his or her charity of choice. But first, let’s dream a little about this car.  If you fancy yourself an EUC disruptor, what better vehicle to tool around in, than a car breaking the engineering rules?

The IGEL winner will be one of the first in the worldto own a Porsche Taycan since at this moment it is in the pre-order stage.  How cool is that?  Porsche’s first, full-electric sports car hits 62mph in under 3.5 seconds and upwards of 310 miles on a single charge.

Like the Taycan, IGEL accelerates hard without losing performance, and like the Taycan, we drive powerful results by software-defined technology. We’re disrupting EUC with our secure, Linux OS-powered endpoints that take little time to install and give customers the best, customized user experience.  Plus, our endpoint management software gives IT unprecedented, efficient centralized control – a feeling much like a Taycan driver behind the wheel of this electric car which will make history for its performance metrics.

We’re challenging everything about EUC just like the Taycan is challenging traditional ideas about Porsche!

Ready to Enter?                           

We’re running our Porsche giveaway in the same way we ran our super successful Tesla Model S P100D and Tesla 3 sweepstakes programs and last year’s IT Baller giveaway of $120,000 in cash. For a chance to win, complete a short survey with code TAYCAN, and participate in a 30-minute demo. If you were at IGEL’s DISRUPT Silicon Valley you had a chance to be the first to enter.

IGEL will also be extending its successful Customer Challenge Award contest in 2019 where IGEL customers can qualify to participate for a chance to win $20,000 by submitting their testimonial story. To see video and written testimonial submissions from last year’s Customer Challenge Award contest, please visit:



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