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It’s 2019 and Survey Says VDI is Mainstream!

It’s 2019 and Survey Says VDI is Mainstream!

Is this the year that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) finally goes mainstream? According to a survey performed by the community-driven “The Year of VDI” initiative,” 78% of VDI professionals responding say, “Yes!”The recent survey, which was ushered by IGEL Communitymember Johan van Amersfoort, polled 146 endpoint computing experts. These respondents are responsible for deploying a massive 2,321,025 virtual desktops across VMware Horizon (69%), Citrix XenDesktop/Virtual Desktops (53%), Microsoft Azure (14%) and Amazon Workspaces (8%). And they have voiced their opinion, it’s finally VDI’s time to be mainstream.

One of the more interesting findings in this survey is the growing horizontal nature of the use cases for VDI. This study found that it has relatively consistent appeal across verticals – showing that VDI has truly moved away from its more niche roots to becoming a conventional, high-value technology with the benefits that span industries to back it up.

So just what are the applications that are driving VDI’s upsurge this year? Office applications (98%) are the overwhelming leader. For today’s digital “task worker” these applications are the core of their productivity – meaning they must remain available and easy to access. The business also needs to serve up flexible application access for these users at a low cost, but with high reliability. It’s here where VDI can shine. But as this data shows, the benefits don’t stop at office applications. Strong value for other key applications is also being seeing and will most surely grow over time.

Speaking of VDI’s value, the survey found that management simplicity (85%), greater mobility (81%) and security (66%) were the top drivers for VDI adoption.

That’s interesting… those are also the primary drivers of IGEL OS adoption. We know from experience that IT needs an endpoint computing solution that is not only secure and easy to manage, but that supports the growing mobility demands of users so that they can achieve a familiar, reliable workspace anywhere they want to work. That’s why there really isn’t a better combination than VDI with IGEL.

With IGEL, you can ensure your VDI success. It’s hardware agnostic and compatible with any x86 device, regardless of manufacturer and will instantly work in any VDI environment – adding exponentially to its ROI. Plus, roaming software licenses allow movement of licenses between devices further minimizing endpoint hardware investments.

So, if 2019 is indeed – to repeat a long overused phrase – the year of VDI, it’s also the year of IGEL.

See more of “The Year of VDI” study findings here: Then see how IGEL can help you get the most out of your desktop virtualization project here.

Doug Brown

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