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Pride in Partnership: Introducing the Next Chapter of IGEL Ready

Pride in Partnership: Introducing the Next Chapter of IGEL Ready

In waving goodbye to our hardware business, shifting to a subscription model, and bringing to market our ground-breaking COSMOS platform, IGEL is setting the course towards a promising future that is rich with innovation. The narrative unfolding within IGEL Ready mirrors this pattern of advancement and transformation.

The growing IGEL Ready ecosystem, comprised of the industry’s best hardware and software partners, is a point of pride and offers a strong foundation for future growth and innovation. As we continue to down this path with our 130+ IGEL Ready partners, IGEL is optimizing the program to align with our collective goals and objectives more closely.

What’s Changing?

  • New IGEL Ready program levels. The Activated and Advanced nomenclature has been replaced by IGEL Ready and IGEL Ready Certified.

IGEL Ready

  • A faster path to IGEL Ready Certified. With the advent of COSMOS, there is a clearer, faster path for software partners to create a more dynamic connection to IGEL through the creation of an IGEL Certified app for the IGEL App Portal. Contact the IGEL Ready team for next steps and kickstart your COSMOS journey today.
  • Refreshed branding. An all new IGEL Ready logo and IGEL Ready Certified badge along with an updated IGEL Ready Ecosystem graphic are now available. If you’re an IGEL Ready partner, log into the IGEL Ready Hub for access to these new resources.

What’s new with the IGEL Ready Showcase?

The pages on the IGEL Ready Showcase are now updated with the new badges and tier names. The hardware product pages have been refreshed with more descriptive tags to identify the CERTIFIED devices compared to the non-CERTIFIED ones. Only the CERTIFIED devices and products will carry this badge on the page (example below).

IGEL Ready

To learn more about the IGEL Ready program, click here for our Program Guide.

We wish to extend our gratitude to all our IGEL Ready partners for their unwavering support since we launched this program in 2020. Your exceptional collaboration and teamwork are key to our mutual success. Thank you for helping us forge a future driven by innovation.

Divya Saggar

Director of IGEL Ready, IGEL
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