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On the Road with Citrix Synergy Unplugged

On the Road with Citrix Synergy Unplugged

syndergyunplugged-300x255Citrix Synergy Unplugged is well underway and we’re relishing the opportunity to show customers around the country how IGEL’s super powerful management platform is the right choice to manage all their endpoints. We’re particularly hearing customers like the flexibility of IGEL being able to convert any x86 device to a endpoint, with our UDC2 solution.

During the roadshow we’re meeting with all enterprises in varying industries and giving them the details on how IGEL solves the challenge of moving from legacy desktop systems to a far more nimble, endpoint infrastructure, with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

As we’re talking about efficiency and security at the endpoint, audiences are learning how IGEL is ‘Citrix ready.’ All IGEL Universal Desktop Solutions and IGEL UDC Software support Citrix ICA in conjunction with all respectively available operating systems and firmware packages. Additionally, IGEL Linux firmware offers support for Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine 2.0 and NetScaler Gateway on IGEL Linux-based Universal Desktop (UD) endpoints and IZ HDX zero clients.

Another concern enterprises have is picking a vendor that will give them the support and reliability they need. IGEL sells the best endpoints in the market which is why we are so comfortable providing a five-year warranty and providing lifetime firmware updates. Customers who sign with IGEL know we have their back for years to come.

Please look at the upcoming Unplugged dates and join us! It’s a great opportunity to get a quick look at how enterprises are leveraging Citrix – with IGEL – to become more productive, digital business practitioners. Register at:

And visit our blog and site regularly. We have the most innovative roadmap and are introducing an amazing number of key products in the coming months. Under NDA we can give you a first look at our latest products. We can also provide a free UDC license to get you more familiar with IGEL and see why enterprises around the world are choosing IGEL for their endpoint solution.

Let’s explore how IGEL can help you!

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