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The Secret to the IGEL Success? We Thought Differently

When I first joined IGEL, I was asked over and over, why did I join IGEL? A year later the why did I join is obvious! Now the most asked question is, what is the secret to all the success? I would like to explain…

The secret is in the software. When an IT professional thinks about a endpoint what might just come to mind is a device that is cheap for a reason as it does not provide the user-experience and management of a traditional personal computer. Yes, this is true for the traditional endpoint, but we don’t live in a traditional world. We have choices, and there are many companies out there today who are reimagining and thus disrupting entire industries. For example, Tesla for cars and IGEL for what is traditionally known as a endpoint.

The secret is in the software. Over the past 20 years, IGEL has been heads down not looking at a endpoint as a hardware solution but as a software one. Now in 2018, we find ourselves with the most powerful, real-time, platform for deploying and managing endpoints in the world today. The platform consists of two components, the IGEL OS and the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). Together, they allow IT to centrally deploy, manage and update a modern, secure, operating system that was designed for Citrix, VMware, Microsoft environments on any x86 64bit device at any time. All centrally updated and managed.

The secret is in the software. The IGEL OS itself was 100% designed and built by our team of software developers in Augsburg Germany. The goal was to create a secure OS who’s every configuration can be turned on or off, or changed to blue or red. The result was the ability for IT to deliver an experience to the end-user that fits each user’s requirements and taste, oh and it’s secure too.

Did you know, a user can switch from one device to the next and always have the same user experience. Citrix gave us anywhere, anytime, any device access to the app and now IGEL gives us any, any, any (x86 64bit) access for the operating system and end-user environment. I’ve never understood how we centrally manage and deploy apps to gain the benefits of virtualization and centralization, but we don’t do it for the end-points. With IGEL you can…

IGEL developed the OS for this use-case. They did not retrofit a 1990s OS that has been updated every few years and patched every Tuesday.

The secret is in the software. The IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) is the brains of the platform. The UMS allow IT to securely manage the end-point device no matter where a user might find themselves in the world that day. IT does this through the ability to create detailed profiles consisting of applications to be deployed and managed to the look-and-feel of the user’s IGEL OS. Profiles are assigned to end-users based how IT defines them to be. It’s that simple. With over 7,000 different possible configurations the UMS allow IT to truly create a secure, productive, environment for the user while allowing IT to save money and manage users the way they should. Oh, all this is done in real time.

As an example of how scalable and straightforward it is to manage your end-points with IGEL, I like to talk about a customer named Luxottica. They are the owners of Sunglass Hut and Lens Crafters, to name a couple. I’ve personally shopped in both of those stores. Luxottica has over 30,000 devices in over 5,000 global locations. All managed by 1 person, and she does not even log in, but once or twice a month. Don’t believe me? Watch Chantell Comberger, IT Solution Architect at Luxottica discuss Luxottica’s IGEL environment at DISRUPT 2018, Austin. Need I say more? This is the power of the software!

The secret is in the software!

Above I mentioned Tesla! They are redefining what a car is, how it is sold, what it can do, and so much more. IGEL does the same thing. Like the Tesla, the secret is in the software. The Tesla today is faster and more efficient than it was two years ago. Why? Software updates and all Tesla owners receive these benefits, over the air and in real time. This is exactly how IGEL does it. If there is a new version of the IGEL OS, new configuration or application it is deployed in real time to the endpoint. It is that simple, that powerful and it just works. As Steven Burke, Sr. Editor at CRN, so correctly put it in his article titled, “The ‘Tesla’ Of End Point Management: IGEL Is Going Into ‘Disrupt Conference’ With Record Software/Channel Sales Growth.”

I can go on and on, but you get the picture. This is my short answer to why all the success. While everyone else saw endpoints as hardware, IGEL thought different and saw the secret in the software. The success comes from years of looking at the problem from the right viewpoint, the software viewpoint, and then IGEL built a solution that is flexible and power all while taking advantage of the modern requirements of computing, in real-time, in any location!

I will leave you with a quote from Steve Greenberg, Citrix CTP Fellow, CEO and Founder of Endpoint Computing, after spending just two days at the IGEL DISRUPT End-User Computing Conference in Austin, Texas.

“It is truly a ‘No Brainer.’ The premise of a secure cost-saving endpoint with excellent management capabilities will become the new standard for the end-point and business computing.”

Doug Brown

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