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Ten plus one Compelling Reasons Why IGEL is Your Ultimate Endpoint Security Solution

Ten plus one Compelling Reasons Why IGEL is Your Ultimate Endpoint Security Solution

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, ensuring the security of endpoints and cloud workspaces is not just essential but a strategic imperative for enterprises. Enter IGEL – the epitome of comprehensive preventative endpoint security. Here are 10 plus one compelling reasons why IGEL stands tall as the ultimate choice for securing your endpoints across VMware, Citrix VDI, and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) cloud workspaces:

  1. Proactive Prevention: Break free from the reactive security paradigm with IGEL’s Preventative Security Model™. Instead of waiting to detect and remediate threats, IGEL focuses on prevention, thwarting attacks before they even begin.
  2. Seamless Cloud Migration: With cloud workspace solutions becoming the norm, IGEL makes migrating Windows to the cloud a breeze. Its OS effortlessly transforms any x86-64 device into a highly secure endpoint, paving the way for seamless cloud connectivity.
  3. Ransomware Resilience: Shield your endpoints from the ravages of ransomware attacks. IGEL ensures that even if your organization falls victim, endpoints remain unscathed, allowing swift recovery and business continuity.
  4. Data Security Assurance: Bid farewell to local data storage woes. IGEL OS ensures that no sensitive data resides on endpoint devices, aligning seamlessly with stringent privacy compliance standards.
  5. Attack Surface Reduction: Trim down your attack surface with IGEL OS’s modular design. By eliminating unnecessary features, IGEL fortifies your defences, making infiltration a daunting task for malicious actors.
  6. Effortless Updates: Say goodbye to update headaches. IGEL OS’s modular architecture streamlines updates, keeping them minimal and specific. Take full control of updates, bolstered by stringent security measures.
  7. BYOD and WFH Confidence: Embrace remote work without compromising security. IGEL OS empowers your workforce to thrive from anywhere, ensuring robust security for BYOD and WFH scenarios.
  8. Integrated Security: Bid adieu to cumbersome security add-ons. IGEL OS’s Linux-based, read-only, secure boot nature renders additional security measures obsolete, simplifying your security landscape.
  9. Simplified Management: Navigate endpoint management effortlessly with the Universal Management Suite (UMS). Configure and manage thousands of endpoints seamlessly, thanks to UMS’s intuitive interface and granular control.
  10. Tech Ecosystem Integration: Harness the power of IGEL’s extensive technology partner network. Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies for cloud, VDI, authentication, and more, ensuring future-proof security solutions.

+1  Sustainability: Go green with IGEL. Slash energy consumption by 22% across all endpoints and prolong their lifecycle, reducing e-waste and bolstering your ESG commitments.

With its unwavering commitment to simplicity, unbeatable security, environmental consciousness, and unparalleled support, IGEL OS emerges as the undisputed champion of endpoint security for now and next.


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Ken Millard

Global Sales Enablement Director at IGEL
Posted in Cybersecurity
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