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Verified Readiness: 7 Reasons Why Citrix and IGEL are Winning Together

When it comes to embarking on new end user computing (EUC) projects, customers want to know their solution will work – without extra complexity, added headaches or impact on productivity. That’s why if you’re implementing a Citrix-based EUC solution, it’s critical to select products that have been verified as Citrix Ready.

But being a true Citrix Ready Partner means more than being part of Citrix marketplace or adding a checkmark to a box on a checklist. IGEL knows. We’ve been working with Citrix for more than 16 years and as one of their most active Citrix Ready partners we remain committed to developing new and innovative ways in which to collaborate to improve the EUC experience.

Here are seven ways that IGEL’s role as an engaged, invested and active member of the Citrix Ready Partner program, helps you.

  1. Software Verification. Selecting to use the IGEL OS, the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC3) or IGEL Universal Management Suite means that it is verified Citrix Ready. That means you’ll know that interoperability has already by tested and proven, eliminating obstacles that can set your EUC project back or prevent you from achieving a successful roll out.
  2. Hardware Verification. The same is true for hardware products. Selecting Citrix Ready verified IGEL endpoints shows that the solutions are seamlessly compatible with Citrix virtualized infrastructure environments, minimizing implementation challenges and delivering a trouble-free user experience.
  3. United Teams to Share the Load. Deeply aligned partnerships, like that between Citrix and IGEL, mean that our teams work together to solve complex challenges. The EUC industry is changing quickly and new technologies move fast. By collaborating, we can innovate faster and deliver new ways to provide the secure delivery of applications and data to users more quickly and efficiently.
  4. Active Partners Drive Good Visibility. IGEL takes being a Citrix-Ready partner very seriously, working to evangelize powerful technology combinations and successful solutions. This visibility means it’s easier for customers and partners to have access to successful blueprints for high-performance implementations. It also means that Citrix and IGEL work together to built out recommendations for specific deployment environments, such as this Citrix/IGEL Whitepaper: How to Protect Endpoints in a Healthcare Setting.
  5. Certifications Do Count. The Citrix Ready Verified logo is more than a logo. A great deal of testing, optimizing and benchmarking goes into it. As a long-term Citrix partner, IGEL is among the most experienced EUC provider for building solutions that become quickly Citrix Ready Verified.
  6. Access to NFR Software. Further underscoring the depth of the IGEL/Citrix partnership is IGEL’s access to early releases of Citrix products. NFR software access enables IGEL to pre-optimize its solutions with the latest Citrix technology so that IGEL products are ready to support it on day one. This means IGEL customers never need to fear being out of sync with new Citrix releases for EUC solutions that are future proofed.
  7. Risk Reduction. What’s all this add up to? Confidence that your EUC solution will work as expected, without added maintenance or work. After all, isn’t that what IT, and end-users, ultimately want? Products that you don’t have to think about because they simply work.

All this adds up to winning success with IGEL and Citrix. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons IGEL has become the fastest growing endpoint provider in the U.S., with a market position that’s risen from seventh in 2015 to third in 2017. See more about IGEL Citrix Ready verified solutions in the Citrix Ready marketplace.

Get Ready. Here Comes IGEL-Ready!

After years of seeing the success of our participation in the Citrix Ready program, IGEL is now planning to expand a similar program to its partners.  The IGEL-Ready Partner Program will offer partners, and customers, all the benefits outlined above, staytuned for more details on the IGEL Ready Partner Program. In the meantime, we want to hear your suggestions. What would you like to see included in the program?  Please email me and let me know.

Simon Clephan

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