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“The Attic” Video Podcast Episode 8: How EUC is well positioned in the hybrid world with Tarkan Maner

“The Attic” Video Podcast Episode 8: How EUC is well positioned in the hybrid world with Tarkan Maner

Our latest one-to-one chat with Tarkan Maner, EUC executive, entrepreneur, and currently, Chief Commercial Officer of Nutanix, is a welcome first: our first in-person guest in the Attic since the pandemic! Tarkan has been front and center to milestones in the evolution of EUC and the cloud, as CEO of Wyse when it was sold to Dell, and as CEO of Nexenta, a leader in AI and multi-cloud data management. Tarkan has tons of insight into transitioning companies to the next level and why Microsoft has an unbeatable position in our remote future.

Tarkan began innovating new products and apps at the age of 15 when he and his friends developed the first pre-online version of what would be a combination of Google maps and Trip Advisor today.  They sold the map to Istanbul restaurants and hotels to businesses who could put their logo on them, and Tarkan’s entrepreneurial journey began. Born in Ankara, Turkey, he spent part of his youth in Germany due to his dad’s electrical engineering career. Fluent in Turkish, German, French and English, he earned degrees in industrial engineering management, an M.B.A., as well as credentials from Harvard’s advanced management program.

He joined Computer Associates, taking on a number of roles for founder Charles Wang, and then CEO Sanjay Kumar, developing expertise in product management and business development. While representing the company in Asia he met the founders of Wyse. The company at the time was in financial distress. Tarkan moved to Wyse and was instrumental in turning the company around and rebuilding its business. In 2012 Dell completed its acquisition of Wyse, renaming the company Dell Wyse.

Tarkan and IGEL agree that the hybrid environment opens up new opportunities for EUC innovation, and that Nutanix’s approach to closer collaboration with cloud providers is the right strategy for companies wanting to increase market opportunities in the EUC, VDI and cloud space.

Tune in and hear Tarkan talk about where Microsoft and IGEL fit in the hybrid environment of the future. And you’ll never guess what Tarkan did to earn money as a student when he first came to the U.S.!

On Wyse Zero Clients. “Cheaper was not the differentiator. It was complete control and secure computing, that you can control and manage users…and provide ultimate security with no attack surface.”

On Recruiting Talent. “To attract people, you need to give them the autonomy, the environment where they can learn and excel…we treat every employee as a partner and CEO in their own right.”

On Product Management. “Companies sometimes fail because they don’t pay attention to product management. Great engineers cannot achieve great goals unless the right product management is established….Product managers run a business.”

On the Channel. “There is a myth that the channel is dead…it is never going to be dead because we cannot do this alone as vendors…the key differentiator to succeed in the channel is to be authentic…to walk the walk.”

On EUC’s Future. “EUC and EUC as a service in a hybrid world is going to be a bigger opportunity…The pandemic showed us you need to be careful about security control and remote life.”

Watch Episode 8 Here:

Thanks for stopping by The Attic. Some of our upcoming guests include Scott Manchester, Director of Program Management for Windows 365, and ‘godfather’ of the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) product.

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Carl Gersh

VP Global Marketing at IGEL
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