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Two Peas in a Podcast

Two Peas in a Podcast

IgelWhat’s better than working with people on your same wavelength, who share your vision of delivering technology that helps the workforce have an easier, more productive endpoint experience?  Doug Brown, our new Global Technology Evangelist, and I recently sat down to explore what we’re doing at IGEL in terms of software innovation, and why the marketplace is reacting so positively.

When it comes to agreeing that the future of endpoints lies in extensible, scalable, easy-to-manage software, Doug and IGEL really are two peas in a pod(cast)!  DABCC

It’s a great perspective on how IGEL has evolved from a hardware image to what we are today: an endpoint security and optimization software company ahead of the game in delivering simplicity, security and extensibility.  IGEL has three pieces of very powerful software that has enabled us to sign 17 new major channel partners in a year’s time:

  1. Our 6th generation IGEL Linux OS is purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments of all types and supports more remote display protocols than any solution in the market.
  2. The IGEL Universal Desktop Converter transforms any x86 device, regardless of manufacturer or form factor. This software takes only minutes to turn old devices, whether an Intel compute stick, or HP endpoint, into a universally deployable IGEL Linux-based endpoint.
  3. IGEL’s Universal Management Suite console manages diverse remote endpoints from a single pane of glass. We greatly simplify the life of an IT pro, and give the end user the full benefit of a consistent experience – at the same time!

During the podcast you’ll also hear about two other IGEL innovations: our IGEL UD Pocket and the IGEL Cloud Gateway.  The UD Pocket has exceeded even our expectations, with thousands being deployed literally weeks after launch!  It enables the mobile and remote workforce to securely boot from the IGEL universal desktop or local OS on a compatible endpoint device.  The IGEL Cloud Gateway acts as a virtual tunnel to support secure and encrypted two-way communications that is based on open communications standards. It seamlessly authenticates the connection and securely transfers data between the IGEL Universal Management Suite and any x86-based device converted into an IGEL-powered endpoint with the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC).  It also supports UD Pocket.

Tune in and you’ll also hear why we chose Tesla as our event giveaway promotion for our first full year in the expanded North American market. There is a technology connection! See Tesla promotion details here.

This is the first of many podcasts to come, with other peas in a pod:  our customers, partners and team technologists.  We’ll let you know about the next podcast as we continue our mission to deliver the world’s best, scalable, easy to use, endpoint security and optimization software!

Enjoy the Spring!

Jed Ayres

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