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Verified Readiness: 7 Reasons Why Citrix and IGEL are Winning Together

Written by: Simon ClephanPublished: September 10, 2018

When it comes to embarking on new end user computing (EUC) projects, customers want to know their solution will work – without extra complexity, added headaches or impact on productivity. That’s why if you’re implementing a Citrix-based EUC solution, it’s critical to select products that have been verified as Citrix Ready. But being a true… Read More »

Convert all your machines into (permanent or temporary) fully functional, fully managed thin client devices, in under three minutes!

Written by: Bas van KaamPublished: August 16, 2018

The following is a guest blog post from Bas van Kaam and originally appeared on If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Well, not in this case. The IGEL UDC3 software, which stands for Universal Desktop Converter, transforms any x86 based machine into a fully functional and managed thin client… Read More »

Why End-User Computing Needs a Refresh

Written by: Jeff KalbergPublished: June 22, 2018

Note: the following article first appeared as a contributed article in the publication Sand Hill on June 21, 2018.   End-user computing (EUC) is experiencing a major shift in where people work, and the devices they use to do their job. A global survey just released shows that no less than 70% of respondents are working away… Read More »

UD Pocket gewinnt den German Innovation Award 2018

Written by: Iris HatzenbichlerPublished: June 6, 2018

„Innovationen sichtbar machen“ – unter diesem Motto verleiht der Rat für Formgebung jährlich den German Innovation Award. Und dieses Jahr gehören wir zu den Preisträgern! Ein Expertengremium hat unseren UD Pocket exklusiv für den Wettbewerb nominiert. Die Einreichungen wurden unter anderem nach den Kriterien Innovationshöhe, Anwendernutzen, Wirtschaftlichkeit, Marktreife oder technische Qualität und Funktion bewertet. Die… Read More »

IGEL auf Erfolgskurs: In Deutschland, Europa & weltweit

Written by: Iris HatzenbichlerPublished: June 4, 2018

In Deutschland die Nummer 1, in Westeuropa Nummer 3 und weltweit auf Platz 4! Mit diesen großartigen Ergebnissen konnten wir das Geschäftsjahr 2017 abschließen, wie der jetzt veröffentlichte „IDC Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker“ belegt. So haben wir in Westeuropa über 205.000 Einheiten im Wert von 101 Millionen US-Dollar ausgeliefert, was einen Anstieg von acht… Read More »

Creativity and Sales Mojo: IGEL’s Award Winning Partners Can’t be Beat!

Written by: Eric JansPublished: May 31, 2018

Citrix Synergy had it all this year:  our IGEL Community was out in full force at our events.  We had great give-and-take with our fellow thought leaders on the future of EUC, and we celebrated our extraordinary partners who take IGEL’s software story out to the front lines, with record-breaking sales results! At Synergy we… Read More »

IGEL Community: We’re Smarter than Ever with Three New and Updated User Guides!

Written by: Doug BrownPublished: May 23, 2018

Synergy was a blast!  Thanks to our ever-expanding IGEL Community for participating in all the workshops, sessions and hospitality events, not to mention the IT Baller Money Machine, the hit of the entire show! Now you’re back at your desk. The show swag is tucked away, and you’re wondering, what’s next from IGEL?  We’ve been busy,… Read More »

We’re bringing EUC to D.C!

Written by: Manoj ThomasPublished: May 21, 2018

IGEL launches expanded federal sales operation with EUC Veteran Hires Just days after an amazing Citrix Synergy event, IGEL, the endpoint management software company that never sleeps, is opening its new Federal Division in D.C. I am pleased to be joining IGEL with Chris Feeney to lead the operation and bring the story of IGEL’s… Read More »

In eigener Sache: IGEL erhält Auszeichnung für exzellenten Service

Written by: Iris HatzenbichlerPublished: May 8, 2018

Im „TOP SERVICE Deutschland“ Wettbewerb werden seit über zehn Jahren die kundenorientiertesten deutschen Unternehmen ausgezeichnet. Deshalb freut es uns sehr, dass wir in diesem Jahr unter die Top-50-Service-Unternehmen gewählt wurden und damit zur Exzellenzgruppe gehören! Die Auszeichnung ist für uns Lob und Ansporn zugleich, denn auch in Zukunft wollen wir unsere Kunden und Partner jederzeit… Read More »

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IGEL Jumps to #3 Position in U.S. Thin Client Market!

Written by: Jed AyresPublished:

IDC Report Notes that IGEL is Grabbing Thin Client Market Share while also Delivering Software Innovation It’s time to take a victory lap. This week IDC has released a new Topline report, “Thin Clients as Attractive Solutions for Cost-Effective, Secure Endpoint Management,” based on the IDC Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker 2017Q4. The report shows… Read More »