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The way the world works is transforming. Companies are looking for digital tools that will empower their success. Never have our solutions been more relevant or needed than RIGHT now.

We’re a critical solution for tens of thousands of businesses. Our OS connects the endpoint to the cloud for millions of devices used by companies in healthcare, retail, banking, manufacturing, education, government and beyond.


IGEL Technology is one of the leading international IT companies offering solutions for server-based computing and desktop virtualization.

Consistent and continuous customer satisfaction has ensured our constant, solid growth, which has already made us a market leader over a relatively short period of time. This success is due to a cooperative attitude between our employees and our customers which enables us to stay focused on the changing needs of the market. Working together, we develop and market innovative customer solutions that allow us to maintain a significant competitive advantage.

This combination of technological leadership, innovation and personal commitment produces the highest quality returns when translating ideas into results.


A proactive, forward-looking corporate culture supports increased productivity, encourages innovation and contributes to sustained success. Since the founding of our company, we have consistently applied this core principle. It is the foundation of our company’s business activities and forms an essential part of our mission statement and guidelines. Taken together, these define a corporate culture that is guided by ideals and promotes exemplary conduct as we move from concept to action.

Corporate Guidelines and Management Principles

Environmental and hence also climate protection is a concern that impacts all aspects of our business activities, including the development and manufacturing of our products, delivering of services, the design of our workflows as well as the awareness of our company’s larger social responsibility.

Energy conservation is no less than preventive, proactive environmental protection. At IGEL, we ensure that our company’s activities always minimize our environmental impact. Accordingly, we are committed to creating excellent, high-quality products and services in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

We make sure that we employ processes that stress a green approach, beginning with research and development, procurement and production, then throughout the service lives of our products and continuing on down to their final recycling and ultimate disposal. In this respect, our goal is to keep our environmental impact at an absolute minimum – even more than legally required – by applying a continuous improvement process. In manufacturing, our policy is to avoid accumulation of residual materials. However, should this be unavoidable, they are reused as much as possible as recyclable resources.

All of our employees are fully committed to comply with all applicable legal requirements and voluntary commitments. At IGEL, producing the highest-quality products is our standard operating procedure. Our company, which is certified per ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, designs, develops, produces and markets software and hardware products. In doing so, we adhere to a quality, environmental, operational safety and health management program that involves all employees and is applied throughout all company areas and departments. The management system at IGEL undergoes regular external audits, a step that provides us with a regularly updated basis for measuring our continuous improvement.

One of our management’s top concerns is ensuring that practices promoting employee occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection are applied throughout the company’s entire value-added chain. This means that providing decent, respectable and safe working conditions is a high priority for us throughout our international supply chain, and that also includes the initial production and supply of raw materials.

Transparency, along with open internal and external lines of communication, make it easier for our company to promote environmental awareness and understanding among our employees as well as our customers and suppliers. Furthermore, it also helps to promote social acceptance of our products.

We are an international provider of soft- and hardware defined thin client and managed workspace solutions. We support our customers around the world directly through our own sales offices and indirectly through our local partners. All of our devices in use, whether at home or abroad, receive the same high level of service and support. By making consistent and targeted use of alternative sales channels, we will continue to expand our worldwide presence.

Through our diligent and careful assessment of opportunities and risks, we consistently strive to achieve the best long-term profitability. This result-oriented approach is a key prerequisite for accomplishing the following goals:

  • Strengthening our company’s capital base
  • Ensuring our company’s continued success
  • Allowing our company to take advantage of future opportunities for growth
  • Enabling our company to develop new and profitable areas of business.

We are a company that is intrinsically connected to a well-defined IT market, to specific product groups and to the directions of trade flows and market trends. Our firm orientation towards meeting the requirements of our target markets strengthens our ability to offer new, customized products and services for our clients – all from one single source, time and time again. Across all of our departments, we meet the constant challenges posed by our competition by providing innovative and extremely flexible solutions.

We believe in promoting partnerships and collaborations that will enable us to readily and repeatedly adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and challenges.

It is our firm conviction that maintaining corporate independence is absolutely necessary to ensure the business flexibility necessary for us to quickly act and react as needed.

Our relationship with our business partners is characterized by open and honest collaboration based on mutual trust. We know that they expect reliability and consistency from us, and we act accordingly.

With our new ideas, we provide innovative solutions and services to the advantage of our business partners serving markets experiencing increasingly faster rates of change. Their satisfaction and benefit are the basic principles driving our daily operations. To achieve this, we take the initiative and approach our partners in order to be able to develop and offer solutions meeting their specific needs.

We advise and guide our business partners competently and professionally. Our policy of providing careful, conscientious service and offering a variety of training courses underscores our commitment to our markets and promotes constructive dialog with our customers. In providing customer support, we use the most modern technology, presentation methods and communications resources. At IGEL, receptiveness to new ideas and approaches is fundamental.

Equality, fairness and full consideration of applicable socially recognized rights define our relationship with our employees. Partnership with each other characterized by fair and open communication is essential for creating a healthy, productive team spirit.

The career opportunities at our company are limited neither by levels of training/education nor by race, creed, social/national origin or gender. We encourage our employees to improve themselves, and in doing so, also benefit from their efforts. Through continuous education and training as well as personal commitment, we are able to confidently face and overcome the challenges of the market. Support for individual employee development makes a considerable contribution to the successful expansion of our company.

We believe that a powerful company is also a safe company. Minimizing risks to employees, equipment and products is inseparable connected with all other corporate goals.

The responsibility for operational safety and health is an integral part of our corporate culture. This means that the health and protection of our employees and third parties a cornerstone of our business.

Clearly defined goals are the most important management tool in our company, for these also produce clearly defined responsibilities and provide the necessary room for individual development. At IGEL, assignment of tasks brings with it associated delegation of corresponding authority and acceptance of personal responsibility. We expect vision, foresight and performance and reward them with profit/performance-based compensation.

Confidence, enthusiasm, perseverance, discipline, respect, appreciation, integrity, loyalty and critical thinking are the qualities that distinguish and define us. Whenever errors occur, our focus is not on finding the persons responsible but on solving the problem and limiting any associated effects. In short, we make sure that we also learn from our mistakes.

These guidelines are the foundation of our corporate culture and the basis of our corporate activities, both of which are oriented towards achieving excellence and top performance.

Our corporate culture is an obligatory basis for all managers and employees.

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