Highly Available Thin Client Management with Load Balancing

High Availability (HA) is an optional extension for the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) and enables the UMS to offer any degree of scalability, availability and redundancy.

With HA, even large-scale thin client environments (500 or more end devices) can be reconfigured simultaneously.

The HA extension is compatible with all IGEL Universal Desktop thin clients – including PCs and thin clients which were standardized with the help of the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) migration software.

IGEL Thin Clients are secure and reliable – even without a connection to the remote management software. With the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), up to 500 end devices can be reconfigured as standard – simultaneously and automatically. In certain cases, however, extra scalability, redundancy or availability is required.

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    UMS Server

    2+ instances can be used (redundancy or scaling)

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    UMS Load Balancer

    Can also be used as a redundant system

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    UMS Database

    High availability through mirroring

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    Legal security

    HA ensures compliance with the latest international standards and regulations such as Basel II / III or HIPAA.

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    Load distribution

    The HA extension ensures that all planned configuration changes are distributed in a timely manner to all intended Thin Clients, regardless of the number of simultaneous booting processes.

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    Individual profiles

    When the Shared WorkPlace feature is activated, IGEL Thin Clients can be configured individually depending on the particular user by means of a personal settings profile. The HA extension ensures that all users can work with their individual settings at all times.

  • UMS 4 version 4.03.200 or higher (Windows Installer only)
  • The system requirements for the respective UMS version used apply
  • Supported database backends: Oracle DB (11g or higher) cluster, Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or higher) cluster


Management of large-scale Thin Client environments with 500+ Thin Clients


Redundancy of IT systems and data (e.g. Basel II / III or HIPAA)

Up-to-date settings

Highly available distribution of new device configurations

IGEL Shared WorkPlace

user-dependent (simultaneous) device configuration

  • Optional extension for the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)
  • Each license package covers 50 managed Thin Clients

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