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IGEL Onboarding / New Here / OEM License

OEM License

Welcome to the IGEL family. You have now joined the community of thousands of organizations that are dedicated to providing a simple, secure method to connect to their digital workspace.


The IGEL License Portal (ILP) manages all your IGEL Software Licenses. This is the first step in setting up IGEL in your environment. The ILP allows you to view license details and expiration dates.

License Portal Registration

  1. Go to
    Click Register.
  2. Fill in all fields marked with an asterisk * and solve the captcha.
    Click Register.
  3. Ensure you receive a confirmation e-mail from and click the confirmation link.

If everything has gone well, you will receive an e-mail from the IGEL Customer Care team, enabling you to log in to the IGEL License Portal.

It may take up to 24 hours for the approval of the ILP. In the meantime, you can follow the steps below.

Customer Portal

While you wait for the ILP to be approved, you can register for the IGEL Customer Portal, which can help you with everything related to IGEL products. It’s the place where you can create an account for your company, invite other people to join, and give them different roles, like being able to ask for help from our support teams—change settings for the IGEL Onboarding Service and other IGEL Cloud Services all in one spot.

IGEL Customer Portal

  • Register a company on the IGEL Customer Portal to get access to the IGEL Cloud.
  • Invite EUC Admin and provide appropriate roles with additional access rights.
  • Register a UMS and give access to the IGEL Cloud Services (App Portal).
  • Configure Onboarding Service by registering UMS and identity provider.

When you register to the Customer Portal, you also register for IGEL support.

Download and Connect the UMS (Universal Management Suite)

Universal Management Suite (UMS) is IGEL’s management solution for your IGEL OS endpoints. There is no separate license fee for UMS. You can download UMS from our portal once you have purchased your first IGEL OS endpoint license. This simple and secure management software allows you to manage any remote endpoint from a single console.

To set up UMS for your environment and manage IGEL OS endpoints, you will need either a separate server or a virtual machine (VM).


To set up a standard UMS, you’ll need a server with at least 5 GB of RAM and 22 GB of available disk space. It should also have 4 CPUs to handle the software’s operations efficiently.

Connect to the UMS

To connect the UMS to our cloud services, you must register the UMS in the Customer Portal and ILP.

Once registered in the Customer Portal, the UMS can download apps from the app portal.

Once registered in ILP, the UMS can deploy licenses automatically to endpoint devices.

Export UMS ID:

  1. Open your UMS Console, go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS ID, and click Export UMS ID.

Registering UMS ID in Customer Portal:

  • Open the IGEL Customer Portal in your browser and log in to your admin account.
  • From the Configure Services menu, select UMS Registration.
  • Click Register a new UMS Instance.
  • Edit the necessary data, enable App Portal, and upload the certificate file (UMS ID)
  • Click Submit.

Registering UMS ID in IGEL License Portal (ILP):

  1. Log in to the IGEL License Portal (ILP). (If you have not registered yet, go to step 1). Your dashboard is shown.
  2. Select UMS ID.
  3. Click Register UMS ID.
  4. Under UMS ID Name, enter a name for the UMS ID.
  5. Upload the certificate file you have exported from the UMS.

Your UMS can now easily access the App Portal to import and update all necessary apps and is ready to deploy licenses.

Deploying Licenses

Deployment of licenses bundled with hardware can be done in a few different ways.

Automatic Deployment of Hardware-Bundled IGEL Licenses through UMS

A hardware-bundled IGEL license can be deployed using the device’s serial number. You can deploy the license automatically through the Universal Management Suite (UMS) or manually through the IGEL Licensing Portal (ILP).

IGEL provides a simple and efficient way to automatically assign licenses to your devices using the Universal Management Suite (UMS). This ensures a seamless and streamlined deployment process.

Version Requirements

This feature is available for UMS versions 12.2.120 and above and is compatible with devices running OS versions 11.08.440 / 12.2.0 or higher.

How It Works:

  • When you register a device with a supported OS version in the UMS, the system automatically sends the device’s serial number and MAC address to the IGEL License Portal (ILP).
  • The ILP checks if there is a license associated with the serial number. It assigns the corresponding subscription key to the device linked to your Global Account ID. It activates the subscription and updates the start and end dates if available.
  • The UMS receives the license file from the ILP and applies it to the device, updating the license’s start and end dates as needed.

To Get Started:

  1. Register Your UMS ID: Your UMS ID needs to be registered within the ILP. Instructions for obtaining and registering your UMS ID can be found here.
  2. Enable License Deployment: Activate hardware-bundled IGEL license deployment within the UMS under the Licenses section.
  3. Onboard Your Device: Devices can be onboarded through the onboarding service or registered directly in the UMS.

The onboarding service is only available with devices shipped with OS12.

If the automatic process encounters any problems, it will automatically switch to Automatic License Deployment (ALD), as long as it has been configured. This ensures that your devices are always licensed without any interruptions.

For detailed steps and further assistance, visit our Knowledge Base.

Manual Deployment of Hardware-Bundled IGEL Licenses through ILP

For organizations seeking a hands-on approach to licensing, IGEL provides a method for manually deploying hardware-bundled licenses via the IGEL License Portal (ILP). This process is ideal for administrators who wish to manage their device licenses directly, ensuring precise control over their deployment.

Process Overview:

  1. Serial Number Registration: Begin by collecting the serial numbers of your IGEL devices. These can be registered individually or in bulk (using a CSV file) through the ILP by selecting the Redeem hardware-bundled IGEL license option.
  2. License Activation and Assignment:The ILP checks for an existing license associated with the serial number during registration. If a valid license is found, it is activated and assigned to your Global Account ID, with the subscription dates updated accordingly.

License Management:

Administrators have the flexibility to deploy the licenses in a couple of ways:

  1. Allow the device to be licensed automatically upon registration in the UMS.
  2. Manually download licenses for independent deployment.
    Guides: Manual License Deployment for IGEL OS and Manual License Deployment for IGEL OS without UMS.
  3. Or add redeemed product packs to the UMS ID for use with Automatic License Deployment (ALD). (See the ALD section above or click here.)

Option 3 decouples the license from the specific device and allows it to be utilized across the organization.

This approach gives administrators the flexibility to customize the licensing process according to their specific operational requirements. They can choose to apply licenses directly to devices or utilize the flexibility of ALD for wider deployment.

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