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Sep 23, 2021 - Oct 27, 2021
11:30:00 - 17:00:00

Welcome to DISRUPT Unite.

Welcoming EUC leaders back together.

DISRUPT Unite is the international flagship event of the DISRUPT 2021 Cloud Workspaces Experience program.

Devoted to bringing together the community of end-user computing (EUC) professionals, vendors, and thought leaders from across Europe and North America, DISRUPT Unite is here to help you navigate and embrace this new era of hybrid “anywhere” computing, where your employees are more than likely practicing a combined office/remote work style. This event will arm you with the technologies and best practices to help your company and your employees thrive in this “new way to work”.

One day. Much to share and learn.

For 2021, DISRUPT Unite runs from 11:30am to 5pm in a city near you, with lunch served and a happy hour at the end of the day.

Your DISRUPT 2021 registration gives you DISRUPT Unite attendee access to the event, to suit your local time. See how the DISRUPT Unite agenda works here.

Learn from IGEL and your peers.

With DISRUPT Unite, sharing experiences helps to bring us back together. Catch up with fellow EUC professionals and friends old and new — and share what the last year has revealed: The disruptions and upheaval, adjustments we all had to make, and how we can optimize the path going forward!

And witness an intimate and thought-provoking DISRUPT Unite keynote with insightful observations and remarks from some key IGEL technology partners.

It’s time for some fun! Join us for Happy Hour at the end of every event!

At DISRUPT Unite you it’s not all serious business, so you can expect some familiar ‘DISRUPTive fun’, from as a part of the agenda. That’s an IGEL tradition!

So plan to mix a good time and the chance to raise your profile (and a glass) while refreshing yours, and everyone’s EUC and cloud workspaces experience and community spirit.


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