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Enabling Your Employees to Thrive by Eliminating Digital Experience Blind Spots with IGEL and Lakeside Software

Jun 24, 2021
Watch: live

In today’s work-from-anywhere world, people depend on great digital experiences to get work done. But if user challenges arise, it can be difficult for IT to understand what’s wrong and how to solve them, especially when users are outside the corporate network. To provide your people with better digital experiences, you need three key ingredients:

  1. Visibility:  What are my users experiencing?
  2. Insight:  Why are problems happening?
  3. Action:  How can we solve or prevent negative impacts?

This webinar will show you how Lakeside can help you see, know, and do more to optimize holistic end-user digital experiences on IGEL OS endpoints and virtual desktops, whether Citrix, VMware, or WVD. Ben Murphy, Sr. Director of Product Management, will demo Lakeside’s digital experience management (DEM) platform, and show a real-world example of how to transform a Microsoft Teams experience from poor to excellent. Coupled with IGEL’s ability to deliver great user experiences on low-cost or repurposed hardware, you will learn how the right DEM platform with the right endpoint OS can help minimize costs and reduce management complexity, while delighting your workforce.

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