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Due to the dramatic shift in the need to work from home, Microsoft and IGEL are working together to ensure organisations can implement business continuity plans and enable employees to access secure digital workspaces.


IGEL provides a secure endpoint Operating system. IGEL OS allows employees to access Office 365, web-based applications and hosted desktops remotely.

IGEL OS offers a “read only” workspace with a secure web browser, support for VDI, DaaS (e.g. WVD) and VPN connections. IGEL OS can be installed locally on existing hardware (PC, laptop or thin client) and replace the existing operating system turning an unmanaged, out of date OS into a secure, managed endpoint ideal for home working

IGEL in your pocket

IGEL OS can also be delivered as a live USB stick. The live USB stick, named IGEL UD Pocket, provides the ability for employees to “dual boot” their devices at home, leaving the installed operating system intact. Deploying a secure workspace can be as easy as posting a USB key to your employees.

To configure, secure and manage 10s of thousands of IGEL endpoints, IGEL provides a powerful management platform called the Universal Management Suite (UMS). In addition, the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) allows any internet connected IGEL endpoint to be remotely managed without the need for a VPN.

Learn More

Webinar – IGEL UD Pocket – A secure workspace for home working

Accessing Office 365 with IGEL OS

How to dual boot the IGEL UD Pocket and access Citrix, VMware, Amazon and Microsoft WVD desktops.

What we can provide

  • IGEL UD Pocket (IGEL OS on a USB stick)
  • IGEL OS (to convert existing x86 devices)
  • Access to the Universal Management Suite (UMS) for configuration and management of IGEL OS endpoints including the UD Pocket and IGEL OS converted endpoints.
  • IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) for remote management of all endpoints.
  • Portable Licensing enabling the IGEL license to be re-used on other devices in the future
  • Advanced “Quickstart” Services
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