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IT Healthcare Gathering Nordics – Regions United

Unlock a New Era in Healthcare Excellence

Join us at the IT Healthcare Gathering Nordics, where regions unite for a transformative experience. Engage in knowledge transfer and dynamic discussions focused on key pillars of Healthcare Innovation.


Where & When

Göteborg, 2-3 October 2024



Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the cutting-edge innovations that form the backbone of the latest advancements in ensuring the utmost level of IT security within the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.


The emergence of healthcare solutions that balance environmental sustainability with cost savings signifies a paradigm shift in the industry. Embracing these innovative approaches paves the way for a sustainable future prioritizing both patient well-being and environmental health.

Ease of Management

Discover streamlined approaches for efficient healthcare operations. Witness how these streamlined processes not only reduce operational bottlenecks but also contribute to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Why Attend


Fostering connections with industry leaders, experts, and peers is a strategic investment in your professional development and organizational success. The collaborative exchange of insights and experiences in this interconnected network not only enriches your understanding of the industry landscape but also positions you at the forefront of innovation, creating a robust foundation for sustained growth and excellence in your endeavors.

Knowledge Transfer

Elevate your knowledge base by actively participating in thought-provoking discussions and immersing yourself in insightful case studies that offer practical and actionable insights. In this dynamic learning environment, seize the opportunity to not just absorb theoretical concepts but to engage in a deep exploration of real-world scenarios, where the application of knowledge becomes tangible and transformative.

Innovation Showcase

Embrace the potential of these transformative technologies and methodologies as they pave the way for a healthcare ecosystem that is not only more efficient and responsive but also inherently patient-centric, with a focus on holistic well-being and preventive measures.
Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of a United Force driving positive change in healthcare. Register now for the Healthcare Gathering Nordics – where knowledge meets innovation, and regions unite for a healthier tomorrow.


2 October

Any patient experiencing an health issue comes into the healthcare system and enters a well-known process that helps diagnose the issue through examination, consultation, testing and interrogation. Once diagnosed, treatment and guidance on prevention can hopefully help ensure a speedy recovery and limit the issue reoccurring. This simple process continues to help humanity learn and evolve, ultimately improving our life experiences.

The same method can be used in how IT deploy and manage the digital workspace to healthcare professionals, improving and ensuring that technology is not a barrier to providing better patient outcomes. ControlUp provides IT with the necessary tools and process to help diagnose, remediate, and prevent common performance and security challenges seen in IT. This session will demonstrate how ControlUP can improve your employee experiences across your  existing estate of Widows desktops, IGEL Secure endpoints, and any virtualised applications, and simultaneously reduce the cost of IT support.

Joe Cleary, Lenovo EMEA Senior Sales Engineer and Cloud Connected Devices lead, will the discuss the potential risk of “Unsecure” edge devices within Healthcare.

From patient KIOSk’s through to Digital signage, discover how Lenovo and IGEL’s partnership can help increase Security at the Edge.

  • Ensure maximum Security and Empower your staff with user-friendly solutions
  • Flexible MFA solutions for all systems and applications
  • Seamless exchange of encrypted email and files without limitations

3 October

This presentation highlights the critical importance of data security in Electronic Patient Record (EPR) deployments, using personal experiences and real-life data breach incidents to illustrate the profound impact on healthcare organizations and patients. We will discuss IGEL’s commitment to securing data access from Endpoints through a Preventative Security Model and provide a high-level overview of our combined solution. A case study of an NHS Trust’s transition from Windows will demonstrate the challenges faced, strategies adopted, and the role of IGEL’s innovative technology in Healthcare.

The agenda is currently being developed, and we will provide you with more details in the coming weeks.



Hotel Pigalle
Södra Hamngatan 2A
411 06 Gothenburg

+46 (0)31 802521

To book a room: send an email to with the following information. The hotel coordinator will handle the booking and provide confirmation in response. The discounted rate for a single room incl. VAT and breakfast is 1490 SEK

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