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We all know Windows 7 is going EOL...

Embrace Windows 10 in a different way

Migrating users to Windows 10, doesn't require migrating endpoints.

Why migrate when you
can virtualize and convert?

Deliver Windows 10 without the worry of the endpoint.

Virtualize your Windows 10 desktops

Desktop Virtualization is no longer just for niche use cases. Deskop virtualization offers better performance and is cheaper and easier to impliment than ever before.
Whether you choose Citrix, VMware, Amazon, Microsoft, or any other solution provider, by virtualizing Windows desktops, you can deploy, manage and secure Windows 10 from either an on-prem datacenter, the cloud or both. Easier to secure, easier to manage, cheaper to maintain.

Repurpose your endpoint with IGEL

With your focus on delivering the best Windows experience from the datacenter, you don’t want to worry about securing and managing the endpoint anymore. Instead of migrating your existing endpoints to Windows 10 save time and money repurposing existing x86 hardware with the Simple, Smart and Secure IGEL OS.

Allow IT and your users to fall in love with Windows again

Lower touch and cost on going management. Easier to secure. Still deliver great user experience.

IGEL Supports any Cloud Workspace

Whichever virtualized, hosted or cloud-based technology or service you run Windows 10 on, IGEL connects to them all.

Want to see how easy it is?


A bit more background

In case you didn't know...

Windows 7 EOL

It won’t be long before January 2020 comes around and your existing endpoints will be out of support. Migrations can be time consuming and require a huge amount of effort, causing major distractions for IT and the business. By moving Windows to the datacenter and converting existing machines to the IGEL OS, the move to Windows 10 can be significantly quicker. When the virtualized desktop is ready, an endpoint conversion can take minutes and automatically connect users to their new Windows 10 virtualized desktop seamlessly.

Windows 10 Management

If you are concerned about the cadence or frequency of Windows updates, then you are probably also worried about how long each version of Windows 10 will be supported. Whilst the Fall updates now have 30 months support, the Spring updates still only have 18 months support. This subtle but impactful change to "Windows as a Service" means that updating thousands of endpoints, remote machines and ensuring application compatability will be a major headache for IT.

Windows Patch Tuesday

Whilst Patching is boring and can be time consuming, it is still hugely important when it comes to endpoint security. Trying to patch more than just Microsoft applications and ensure that remote machines have been patched is not an easy task. Moving Windows into the datacenter and repurposing your existing endpoints means you can patch the desktops in the datacenter with ease and not have to worry about known vulnerabilities, large updates or application compatibility on the endpoint.

You already have VDI but your endpoint is holding you back?

Whether it was for remote workers, faster application deployment, security, acquisitions or as part of the Windows XP migration many years ago, many organisations already utilise hosted virtual desktops. If you already have a VMWARE or Citrix environment in place and are using Windows embeded or other 3rd party thin clients then your out of date endpoint maybe holding you back. The IGEL OS can convert both Windows 7 embedded and other 3rd party thin client devices saving you the requriement to rip and replace the hardware just becuase the software is out of date.

Don't let hardware let you down

Migrating to Windows requires the endpoint to have a certain level of specification. Just because a machine doesn't have enough space, processing power or RAM shouldnt mean you need to rip and replace the endpoint. By moving Windows to the datacentre and converting the endpoint to an IGEL OS you can give your existing endpoints a new lease of life and save a ton of money.

Endpoint Security

Phishing attacks, vunerabilities and malware have plagued the endpoint and user for the last couple of years. Machines are more mobile than ever and so to reduce risk, each endpoint can be bloated with security and management tools. Moving to a virtualised desktop keeps the OS which needs securing most in the datacentre. Converting the endpoint to an IGEL OS gives you a read only, Secure, linux OS.... much more secure for your endpoints and your users...



Secure Linux based OS.
The smart choice for endpoint device OS solutions.

Organisations are moving more and more towards cloud centric infrastructures in order to reduce hardware costs and maintenance – this cloud growth is driving endpoint device expansion. Linux is the only endpoint OS that s growing at a global level, providing the security flexibility and performance that organisations require.

With most major cloud platforms being Linux based including Microsoft as well as many virtual appliance, enterprise organisations can be comfortable with deploying Linux based solutions. Linux is the smart choice for your endpoint device OS solutions.

Read the latest IDC report on Linux and the Endpoint security and optimization Market.


Try a demo and see how easy it is.

3 Reasons why people choose IGEL

Save Time & Money

Convert existing hardware with ease. Take any 64-bit x86 machine and run an IGEL OS on it. Save money by repurposing existing hardware. Reduce time spent and investment on endpoint management.

Improve Security

A secure, read only operating system which is easily configured and managed by centralized policies.

Deliver Great User Experience

Fast to boot, simple use operating system with over 80+ built in ecosystem technologies so that things just work.



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