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Digittrade GmbH

DIGITTRADE GmbH is a German company developing and manufacturing, inside Germany, external, bootable (with IGEL OS) encrypted storage devices since 2005. The external encrypted hard drive KOBRA Drive VS and the USB-C Memory Stick KOBRA Stick VS are certified and approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the storage, processing and transmission of confidential information up to the classification level VS-NfD (classified information for official use only) as well as NATO- and EU-RESTRICTED (BSI-VSA-10338). The KOBRA VS, with a patented 2-Factor-Authentication (Smartcard + PIN) allows for the secure transport of confidential data, booting of IGEL OS, geo-redundant backups and functioning as a data diode, which are just some of the many use-cases. DIGITTRADE is a long-standing member of the federal associations BITKOM, the German Association for Defense Technology (DWT) and the Alliance for Cyber Security. The company and the solutions also carry the sign of trust „IT-Security made in Germany“ by the TeleTrusT.

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