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signotec GmbH

signotec GmbH is the leading manufacturer of hardware and software for signing electronic documents.
Since its foundation in 2000, signotec has developed into a global technology leader, trusted by numerous and well-known references from a wide range of sectors. The portfolio of signotec GmbH includes different signature pads as well as comprehensive software solutions for stationary and mobile signing including remote signatures.

The specialty: All products convince through their unrivalled quality, manufactured in Germany. In addition, they feature unique and patented security mechanisms that ensure the protection of biometric data and document integrity.

The hardware and software components are perfectly aligned and guarantee a unique, data-protected interaction. Signing digitally, authenticating people or creating legally binding documents - all this becomes even easier and more secure with the signature solutions from signotec. The signature occurs directly in the electronic document, so that time-consuming and cost-intensive media breaks between digital and analogue are prevented. The electronic documents are protected with the digital signature, are eIDAS-compliant and their authenticity can be verified effortlessly.
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