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Gisbo Software Development and IT-Consulting GmbH

Gisbo Software Development and IT-Consulting was established in 1995 and is located at Etzelweg 234 in Zweibrücken, Germany.

As one of the leading players we develop and market the innovative alarm software – GisboAlarm, which includes de-escalation training based on your needs for maximum security in the workplace.   It also includes the intelligent work scheduling software – GisboTimer for time recording, duty planning, calculation of extra allowances and vacation planning for those in public service.

Gisbo GmbH is composed of a young dynamic team of highly qualified applicaton developers, IT specialists and university graduates. Our goal is to cooperatively support customers and to inspire them by new ideas, technology and innovations.  You, as client, are involved in the software development process from the very beginning. The project is managed such that you can test new results of the current development status. The requirements are firmed up as soon as the software is used for the first time or is use. We can allow requests for modifications into the overall concept and thereby move as closely as possible to the ideal goal during the whole development cycle. With our experience and our know-how we can farsightedly plan your requests and efficiently implement them.
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