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PrinterLogic SaaS

Deliver a Serverless Printing Infrastructure

PrinterLogic’s centrally managed direct IP printing solution can

be configured on any IGEL OS-powered endpoint. This true SaaS solution offers

multi-tenancy and requires no VPN. With this integration users can install direct

IP printers on IGEL users’ endpoint devices so that print jobs are sent directly

from the endpoint device to the printer, easing overall printer management in

addition to increasing end-user productivity.

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Product Details

We help IT professionals eliminate all print servers and deliver a highly available Serverless Printing Infrastructure. With our centrally managed Direct IP printing platform, you’ll empower end users with mobile printing, secure release printing, and many advanced features that legacy print management applications can’t provide.


Simplify VDI Printing : Deploy printers based on user ID, device location, name, group and/or organizational unit (OU).

• Eliminate Print Servers : Eliminate infrastructure costs, print-related WAN traffic, single points of failure, and management overhead.

• Centralize Management : Centrally manage printers, drivers and profiles without requiring a separate printing infrastructure for VDI users.

• Eliminate Scripting & GPOs : Deploy printers and push out updates with no scripting, GPOs or admin rights. Printer objects and profiles follow end users wherever they log in.

• Deliver Native Drivers : Avoid driver conflicts in VDI server farms. Deploy and manage both native and universal drivers for any network printer.

• Advanced Reporting : Track all print/scan/copy activity across your organization

• Secure Release Printing : Hold print jobs & release print jobs from any printer anywhere

• Mobile Printing: Natively print from Chrome, Android, and iOS devices

• CAC/PIV Support: Support multi-factor authentication systems for secure printing

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