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Austin Solution Provider Powers DaaS Offering with IGEL and Parallels

In 2014, Austin-based Trinsic Technologies introduced Anytime Cloud. Anytime Cloud is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution designed to help SMB clients improve the end user computing experience and streamline business operations. Through Anytime Cloud, customers gain access to the latest cloud and virtualization technologies using IGEL endpoints with Parallels, a virtual application and desktop delivery software application.

“What sold us on IGEL was the Management Console – hands down IGEL is better than any of its competitors at centrally managing endpoints residing within cloud and virtualized computing environments.”



The Customer

  • Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Trinsic Technologies is a technology solutions provider focused on delivering managed IT and cloud solutions to SMBs since 2005.

The Challenge

  • Trinsic deployed its Anytime Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), and was looking for a desktop delivery and endpoint security and optimization solution that would support a variety of different end user needs and requirements across the multiple industries it serves. Trinsic also wanted a solution that provided ease of management and robust security features for clients operating within regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of management and configuration
  • Security and data protection
  • Improved resource allocation and cost savings
  • Designed with expansion in mind for fast business growth

“We were experiencing issues with our endpoint desktops and were looking for a more stable and manageable solution,” said Art Powell, Chief Operating Officer and Founder at Trinsic Technologies. “We tested IGEL and we were immediately impressed by the solution and how it worked with Parallels – it was the perfect fit for us and for our clients.”

IGEL and Parallels win together on ease of management and security capabilities

Trinsic delivers its Anytime Cloud solution to customers using IGEL Universal Desktop endpoints. One of the things that impressed Trinsic most about the IGEL solution was its ease of management. 

“We didn’t want a product that would create more work for us, and that is one of the reasons we chose to deploy IGEL and Parallels,” said Powell. “The solutions simply work better and are more reliable and robust for the end user than anything else we’ve seen in the marketplace. Additionally, we have found that IGEL is able to centrally manage the endpoints residing within our clients’ cloud and virtualization environments in a very efficient manner.”

The solution provider is also leveraging the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) to turn existing hardware into IGEL OS-powered endpoints. “The IGEL UDC is a big selling point for customers with remote and mobile workforces due to its security features,” continued Powell. “Because the data and applications accessed via the IGEL OS are delivered remotely via a secure data center, should an end-user decide to leave the company and take the device with them, security concerns are alleviated because nothing is stored locally.”

“This is an also an important feature for healthcare organizations”, Powell added, “With IGEL and Parallels, we are able to solve a majority of HIPAA issues because of the secure method in which virtual desktops are delivered to the end user.”

Cloud improves pperational efficiencies, drives business growth

By combining IGEL and Parallels as part of the Anytime Cloud solution, Trinsic also reaped enormous business benefits. “From day one we saw a dramatic reduction in the number of cloud connectivity issues our clients were experiencing,” said Powell. “In fact, the time we spend responding to trouble tickets has been reduced by around 35 percent overall.”

In addition to improving operational efficiencies through Anytime Cloud, Trinsic’s business has grown significantly as it deploys an increasing number of endpoints to replace aging laptops and desktops. “A few years ago, under five percent of our installed base was endpoints. Today we are approaching 15 percent, and expect that number to at least double in the next few years,” continued Powell.

Powell attributes much of his success to his SMB clients’ desire to leverage cloud solutions, without having to deal with some of the larger cloud vendors. He said, “SMBs really want to work with local providers who they know and trust, and who can offer cloud-based solutions in a price range that works for them. Because we are able to meet that need through Anytime Cloud, our revenues have grown substantially.”

Trinsic plans to continue to expand the deployment of IGEL and Parallels as part of the Anytime Cloud solution, and is also looking into IGEL’s UD Pocket, a revolutionary micro client solution that converts any 64-bit, x86 compatible PC and most Mac computers into an IGEL OS-powered endpoint. “We like the UD Pocket and hope to find ways to leverage the micro client with our technicians and to use in unique customer situations.”

“With IGEL and Parallels, we are able to solve a majority of HIPAA issues because of the secure method in which virtual desktops are delivered to the end user.”

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