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Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

Ease of Management and Flexibility Lead to Long-Term Relationship for IGEL Texas Credit Union

“What really made the IGEL platform stand out for us was the faster boot-up times, performance and flexibility, and the ease of management. I still can’t figure out why some of the competing endpoints are popular as none of them come close to IGEL in terms of their management capabilities.”

Darin ReedIT Systems Administrator, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union


The Customer

  • Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union, a financial cooperative headquartered in Live Oak, Texas with more than 55 branches dedicated to serving members and the community.

The Challenge

  • Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union needed a more powerful endpoint computing solution to deliver e-mail and core financial applications through its Citrix-based infrastructure to its end-users.

The Solution

  • IGEL Universal Desktop (UD3 and UD5) endpoints
  • IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) Software

Key Benefits

  • Improved end point performance enabled a better end user experience
  • Ease of end point device management and configuration created a better experience for IT

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union is more than just a bank. It is a financial cooperative intent on helping its members save time, save money and earn money. Over the years, the credit union has grown from providing financial resources to military service
members and their families to serving hundreds of thousands of members across Texas and around the world. RBFCU has a presence in three major market areas — Austin, Dallas and San Antonio — and has more than 55 branches dedicated to serving members and the community.

First and foremost, RBFCU is people. It’s the more than 1,800 employees who serve members’ needs each day. It’s the senior team and Board of Directors that guide the credit union’s growth. It’s the members who give their support and loyalty to the credit union each day.

To help its employees provide the credit union’s members with the highest levels of services and support, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union relies on IGEL’s endpoint computing solutions.

“We have been working with IGEL for more than a decade now,” said Darin Reed, one of the credit union’s lead System Administrators. “Prior to that, we had been using endpoint solutions from another manufacture to deliver green screens to our employee terminals. Around the time we started upgrading to Citrix virtual infrastructure and adding e-mail support, beginning
with Citrix XenApp and Lotus Notes, our previous endpoints began to fail and were no longer offering the performance levels these new applications required. We liked the endpoint platform so we looked around and evaluated solutions from several manufacturers
including IGEL.”

The team at Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union had first learned about IGEL at a Citrix event. “What really made the IGEL platform stand out from competitive solutions was the faster boot-up times, performance and flexibility, and the ease of management. I still can’t figure out why some of the competing endpoints are popular as none of them come close to IGEL in terms of their management capabilities.”

After selecting IGEL, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union initially deployed about 300 IGEL Universal Desktop UD3 endpoints, and has since more than quadrupled the number of IGEL devices to accommodate growth including the addition of new branches. Today, Randolph-Brooks is primarily using the IGEL UD5 endpoints as they offer the advanced performance capabilities the credit union needs to support its core financial applications, and the required number of USB ports to accommodate the peripherals used by its tellers, including thermal receipt printers and signature pads.

“Beyond the technology, one of the reasons we have continued to stay with IGEL is due to the phenomenal services and support,” said Reed. “We rarely have any problems with the IGEL solutions and typically when we do call them it is regarding configuration questions. We have always found the team to be super responsive and knowledgeable.”

One recent instance where IGEL was able to add value in assisting Reed’s team was in the configuration of the credit union’s Topaz signature pad. “We needed to be able to share access to the signature pad with our branches and main office locations, so IGEL worked with us to create a custom image/partition using FabulaTech software to share the signature pad over the WAN,” said Reed. “This made it possible for PC users at our main offices to access the signature pads at our branch offices. For example, when a customer signs a loan form at a branch office, it now shows up on a PC at our main office.”

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union is currently leveraging IGEL to support Citrix XenApp applications and Citrix XenDesktop Windows 7 VDI. “Right now, the only local app on our user’s IGEL desktops is the Firefox web browser, which takes them to Citrix Storefront where they can access all of their applications,” continued Reed.

The credit union has plans to migrate to Windows 10 within the next year, and according to Reed they will be looking to expand its IGEL deployment and add the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) to the mix. “We are hoping to retire some of our PCs at our main office in favor of IGEL, and are also looking at the UDC as a potential solution for converting the aging PCs into IGEL-powered devices.”

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