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EPOS Case Study: Sympany, Switzerland

Thanks to EPOS Connect’s native integration with IGEL OS, EPOS Manager runs flawlessly in Sympany’s VDI infrastructure. With a simple click in IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS), IT managers can enable EPOS Connect and remotely update headsets, optimize configurations, and monitor device usage in an instant.Alexander Schmidt, IT Manager at Sympany



  • Sympany is a Swiss health insurance provider. They rely on a virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI). Their contact center employees access their softphone apps and functions by connecting to individual virtual desktops. This setup is highly secure and easy to administer centrally.

The Challenge

  • Hybrid work grew significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, employees increasingly work from home or other locations outside the office.
  • It is critical to ensure all contact center agents have access to the latest firmware to ensure the best possible customer experience, especially when working from home.
  • IT needs a way to easily manage 1000+ EPOS audio devices remotely.
  • The chosen tool has to function equally well regardless of individual use cases – whether laptops or IGEL thin clients.
  • Finding device management solutions that work well within a secure VDI environment can be difficult.

EPOS and IGEL: A Strong Partnership

EPOS is working in close collaboration with IGEL, leveraging synergies to enable a seamless and intuitive experience for VDI setups.

  • EPOS Connect is natively integrated into IGEL OS, which enables you to administer and optimize EPOS devices across your entire organization using EPOS Manager.
  • EPOS is an ADVANCED level partner in the IGEL Ready program, a growing ecosystem of IGEL OS-verified solutions. A variety of EPOS devices are now IGEL READY certified, meaning they go through extensive testing to ensure a high-quality audio experience.

Read more about EPOS collaboration with IGEL OS:


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