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Michigan Health System leverages IGEL to secure endpoints and improve clinical workflows and mobility

The ease of updates with the IGEL firmware and Enovate Medical software makes it possible to quickly update workstations at any time, without taking the entire system offline.ZAC SGRORegional Sales Director for West/North, Enovate Medical


The Challenge

  • Providing seamless and secure access to digital workspaces delivered via a fleet of roaming endpoints
  • Extending the life of aging endpoint hardware
  • Ensuring timely and efficient software patching and updates

The Solution

  • IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)
  • Enovate Medical Envoy Mobile Workstation on Wheels (WoWs)
  • Imprivata Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Epic Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Enovate Medical EcoFlex Power Management System

Key Benefits

  • Seamless and secure remote endpoint management
  • Improved Clinical and IT end user experience
  • Enhanced productivity and business continuity
  • CAPEX savings from repurposing existing hardware


Several years ago, a Michigan-based healthcare organization set out to identify a way to enable clinicians and physicians to capture health data more quickly and efficiently, during patient interactions.

“The organization wanted to ensure a consistent employee experience in a format that clinicians were already familiar with,” said Kerstin Haase, Director of Channel, Enovate Medical. “Regardless of where they were within the hospital or facility, and irrespective of the device they were logging into, it needed to be as fast and as hassle free as possible.”

To meet this requirement, the healthcare organization selected Enovate Medical Electronic Health Record (EHR) Documentation Workstations, more commonly known as Workstations-on­ Wheels, or WoWs. The healthcare organization’s staff were already familiar with the WoW concept as it mirrored the static desktop computer, so this made widespread adoption much easier. Further, the WoWs supported a standard monitor footprint, making it easier to read patient data, than it would be from a laptop computer or other mobile device.

“The Enovate Medical solution was ideal as it provided the healthcare system’s clinicians with the flexibility to move workstations into exam rooms, so they are as close as possible to the patient’s bedside, which enables them to capture health information in real-time, without having to keep turning away from the patient,” said Doug Gallacher, Vice President of Sales, Enovate Medical.

The power efficiency of an IGEL endpoint combined with Enovate Medical’s unique EcoFlex Power Management System maximizes battery life resulting in fewer battery replacements, clinical disruptions, and greater mobility in continuous use settings.


On each of the WoWs, the healthcare organization had been using a combination of Wyse thin clients and Lenovo Tiny desktop solutions powered by the Windows Embedded Operating System. As the hardware began to age and the Windows Embedded OS neared end-of­ life in January 2020, the organization’s IT team faced the challenge of continuing to effectively manage and update its roaming endpoints across multiple care sites including hospitals and primary care facilities.

Among the key concerns faced by the organization – patching older devices to ensure that patient health information remained protected, preserving the investments it had already made in hardware solutions, making it easier to manage and update endpoint devices, all while also optimizing the employee experience.


Looking to identify an OS replacement and endpoint management solution, the healthcare organization’s IT team determined that IGEL.’.s software-driven endpoint solutions would meet their needs. IGEL.’.s integrations with Citrix cloud workspace solutions, which the organization uses for its Epic EHR and application delivery, as weil as lmprivata’s single-sign­ on solutions to support secure, credentialed access to the workstations for staff and clinicians, made it an attractive option.

“With IGEL, the healthcare organization was able to convert its existing Lenovo and Wyse endpoints, which enabled it to preserve its existing hardware investment and remain on a hardware platform that was familiar to both its IT staff and end users,” said Divya Saggar, Director, IGEL Ready. “Additionally, through the IGEL Universal Management Suite, the organization’s IT team can now manage its entire fleet of IGEL OS-powered endpoints from a single console.”


Since implementing IGEL’s software solutions, the healthcare organization has identified some distinct advantages including a reduction in deployment times for patches and updates, and that changes with IGEL were more uniform than they had been on their previous Windows Embedded OS solution.

The healthcare organization’s IT team has also noticed that the transition has been virtually seamless for its employees. “End users don’t even realize they were switched to IGEL OS,” adds Zac Sgro, Regional Sales Director for West/North, Enovate Medical. “What’s more, IGEL has been a phenomenal partner for Enovate Medical, and we have found them to be extremely responsive and quick to troubleshoot and address any questions or issues that have arisen during this process.”

About IGEL Ready:

IGEL Ready is an exclusive technology partner program designed to enable hardware, software and IT peripheral companies to develop verified, integrated solutions with IGEL products, IGEL Ready focuses primarily on identifying recommended partner products and solutions that are trusted and verified to work with IGEL OS, the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. All products featured in IGEL Ready have completed rigorous verification testing, thereby providing our joint customers confidence in our combined solution compatibility and effectiveness.

About Enovate Medical:

Enovate Medical designs and manufactures fixed and mobile workstations, mobile computing power systems and develops integrated workstation management software to enhance nursing productivity, improve patient care, simplify IT management. The company delivers on the promise of today’s electronic medical record systems through a consultative approach and a holistic view that includes service and support to help customers achieve better outcomes.


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