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That’s why IGEL OS, our next-gen edge OS is built on Linux. It’s read-only, modular, and designed to minimize endpoint security exposures. Its tiny attack surface helps prevent attackers from infiltrating your organization through the most popular entry point: your network’s edge.

See what life is like with IGEL OS securing your endpoints:

Endpoint security stressing you out?

IGEL OS helps you keep your cloud-based endpoints secure 24/7, with a lot less work. Meaning less stress, and time back in your day for your other priorities.

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Stop patching. Start winning.

Imagine being able to erase Patch Tuesday from your calendar! With IGEL OS, you’ll centralize all your endpoint security policies, saving you precious time. And regaining focus.

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Save the dramas for Netflix.

Guess what? IGEL OS gives you optimal endpoint security AND a fantastic user experience with all the apps your people need to perform and thrive.

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In healthcare.

Read how IGEL supports healthcare customers with secure and highly available endpoints that raise clinical outcomes.

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In retail.

See how IGEL supports customers in retail in their point of sale and back office operations with secure endpoint.

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In finance.

Read how IGEL helps customers in finance, banking and insurance provide a secure productive cloud workspace experience.

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In government.

Read how IGEL helps government balance budgets while ‘zeroing-out’ compromise on data access, people productivity and endpoint security.

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In higher education.

Read how IGEL helps deliver a secure learning experience to students wherever they are, and whatever endpoint they use.

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Spend less time worrying about security

Minimize your endpoint attack surfaces

IGEL makes security simpler. By converting any compatible x86-64 device into a fully functioning read-only cloud workspace, and moving Windows into the cloud, you immediately minimize endpoint attack surfaces, whether on licensed endpoints or on users’ own devices. And that allows you to focus on creating a rock-solid security strategy for your data centers and clouds, without having to worry about what’s going on out in the wild.

IGEL OS was created as an edge OS for cloud workspaces. It’s secure by design:

  • Linux based: inherently secure and proven to be safer than Windows on an endpoint
  • Read-only: locked-down and tamper-proof
  • Modular: use only the modules you need to minimize attack surfaces
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Say so long to constant patching

Forget multiple patches for multiple machines.

Deploy your patches all in one go in your secure data center or cloud workspace environment. Then immediately revert to an earlier image if you encounter problems. Roll out new apps and software quickly and securely, and bring new users into your network with ease. IGEL OS also ensures migrating to Windows 10 can be achieved with the minimum fuss.

IGEL OS makes maintaining endpoint security easy and smart.

  • All Windows updates and patches take place in the secure data center or cloud
  • IGEL OS updates on endpoint devices are super-easy to execute via a console drag-and-drop
  • Many thousands of IGEL OS-powered endpoints can be updated at once, or any subset
  • All IGEL OS updates are verified by IGEL OS at each endpoint to ensure a secure process
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Keep your people happy and secure at the same time

Give them secure access to the apps they need in a powerful Windows 10 experience

  • All connections between IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) and IGEL OS-powered endpoints run over a secure tunnel
  • No need for VPN: remote devices can be fully managed via the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) feature
  • UMS console admins can use ICG to securely shadow remote user devices, taking over the device keyboard and mouse for troubleshooting
  • IGEL OS includes the complete ‘chain of trust’: a series of cryptographic signature verifications, which starts on the AMD SoC (IGEL endpoints) or UEFI (any other x86-64 device) all the way to the target host or cloud
  • IGEL hardware also includes AMD Secure Boot and MemoryGuard technology for added device security
  • IGEL OS includes integrations from some of the leading security-focused partners, such as Imprivata for single sign-on – and many more

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