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Your Next-Gen
Edge OS.

Simple. Smart. Secure.

Put millions back in your budget

Don’t buy new hardware, convert it

See how you could save millions, without ripping out and replacing your existing endpoints.

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More business transformation, less endpoint operation

We change your game. You take the credit

See how you can reduce your Helpdesk calls by 70-80% and spend less time on endpoint management.

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Fall in love with Windows again

Fewer updates. More dinner dates

Think different. Find out how to embrace Windows 10 from the data center.

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Security to your user's fingertips

Life on the edge just got much safer

Discover how you can crush your security nightmares with an OS that’s designed for life on the edge.

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The new

The robust and versatile endpoint for cloud workspaces

UD3 empowers users with a high-fidelity digital experience and flexible expansion capabilities.

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IGEL’s unique tale of ingenuity and persistence has been captured in the just released film, BELIEVE: The Story of IGEL Technology

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