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Microsoft Acquires FSLogix – Microsoft Continues to “Get Serious” about Virtual Desktops!

If you haven’t already heard, then today Microsoft confirmed it has acquired FSLogix. FSLogix is a relatively young but extremely relevant software solution which specializes in solving common challenges seen in virtual desktop environments when deploying Office 365 and non-persistent desktops. This acquisition is yet another step which further validates that Microsoft is very serious when it comes to deploying virtual desktops and allowing users remote access to Windows desktops in the cloud. This latest announcement is one of many moves by Microsoft in the last couple of months, but for those who have been in this EUC industry for some time, it hasn’t always been this way…

For many years, Citrix and more recently VMware have owned the desktop virtualization market, helping organizations deploy and manage both Windows RDSH and or Windows desktops from the datacenter. Throughout this time, whilst Microsoft has always supported VDI they have placed limited investment into the market, leaving both Citrix and VMware to drive adoption.

However, in September at Ignite, Microsoft made a number of announcements which changed their position on virtual desktops and demonstrated that for the 1st time in many, many years, Microsoft is serious about virtual desktops…. very serious indeed!

Firstly, they announced Windows Virtual Desktops. This new offering delivered from Azure, allows simple creation and deployment of Windows virtualized desktops from the cloud and at an attractive price point for those customers already on subscription. By moving to this cloud-based offering, Microsoft also announced that Windows 7 support will be extended for those customers utilizing the platform. In addition, Ignite confirmed that Windows 10 will offer multi-user – something which only Windows Server has offered through RDSH.

Alongside our friends Citrix and Lakeside, FSLogix was named as an ecosystem partner during the announcement and finally today confirmed that they have acquired the technology to ensure that Office deployed on WVD is a performant experience. For some time, FSLogix, along with others like Ivanti, Liquidware and Citrix, have provided solutions which help store a user’s OST file in a non-persistent VDI environment ensuring that user experience is not affected.

With organizations already finding it difficult to deploy, manage and secure Windows on the endpoint, today’s announcement further validates our thoughts that Windows belongs in the datacenter and that a secure, simple software defined endpoint is required.

The acquisition today also shows what happens when cool tech combined with great people execute – congrats to the FSLogix team!

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Simon Townsend

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