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DISRUPT 2020: Nutanix Frame and the NextGen Desktop-as-a-Service for Multi Clouds

DISRUPT 2020: Nutanix Frame and the NextGen Desktop-as-a-Service for Multi Clouds

See What Makes Frame the Unique DaaS Solution for Simplified App and Desktop Delivery

You haven’t seen everything that’s possible with Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) until you’ve seen Nutanix Frame. It allows you to scale globally in the cloud with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, or deploy on-premises with Nutanix AHV.

Join me for my session, “Nutanix Frame and the NextGen Desktop-as-a-Service for Multi Clouds” during DISRUPT 2020, Nashville and Munich to learn more. I’ll be showcasing how Frame allows you to run Windows apps on any device, from any location and easily create virtual workspaces for your teams, customers or partners in under an hour. Plus, you’ll see how it seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems and what you can do with Nutanix APIs and embedded scripting framework.

Born in the cloud, Nutanix Frame is the only DaaS solution that is able to runs workload machines on-premises and multiple clouds from Microsoft Azure to Amazon and Google. Providing simple, yet very powerful, access to Windows applications and desktops through a browser, it also delivers an elegant Frame NativeApp for IGEL OS-powered devices.

As a Senior Technologist at Nutanix and former CTO at Frame, I know all the tips and tricks for making your DaaS solution truly sing. Using live demos, I’ll show and tell what makes Frame so powerful and easy to use, and why Frame is different from any other DaaS or VDI solution you’ve seen. If delivering a great experience for users is your priority, you need to see why Nutanix Frame and IGEL are better together.

Sign up for DISRUPT 2020, Nashville or Munich now. As the Cloud Workspaces Forum of the Year, you won’t find an event better suited to providing you with the end user computing insights you need to know for the desktop of tomorrow.

Ruben Spruijt

Ruben Spruijt is Sr. Technologist at Nutanix, former CTO at Frame and a well-regarded author, speaker, market analyst, technologist. An all-around End User Computing geek, he is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), NVIDIA GRID Community Advisor and was in the Citrix CTP program from 2008-2017 and VMware vExpert from 2008-2018.
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