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How IGEL Lowers End User Computing and VDI Costs

How IGEL Lowers End User Computing and VDI Costs

It’s simple math. Implementing IGEL for desktop infrastructure lowers costs for VDI and end-user computing, without sacrificing efficiency and performance. IGEL-based endpoints offer advanced security with flexible options to connect users to a computing experience across a wide range of use cases, while reducing the workload for IT departments. IGEL offers a fixed price with low cost management, which allows clients to forecast future budget requirements more accurately.

IGEL’s clients can repurpose older endpoints and centrally manage them, which drives down expenses and saves time.

Matt Mckinnon, Enterprise Sales Manager, Forthright Technology Partners, comments,

“When you think of the value proposition of IGEL, the ability for companies to save money by repurposing their old endpoints and easily manage and update thousands endpoints from one console, it really makes life so much easier.”

IGEL removes unneeded software costs and still provides the user with an unmatched experience which, in turn, optimizes both user and IT efficiency in VDI and cloud workspace environments.

Chuck Reinhardt, Enterprise Relationship Manager for Citrix, says,

“IGEL takes what used to be an expensive piece of hardware and software combination, think of your standard Microsoft desktops, you have the hardware costs and the software costs. When you put those two together, you have something relatively substantial. IGEL strips out that extra software cost and with Citrix the cost can be reduced with the compute on that endpoint.”

Watch their comments on this video, “How is IGEL Lowering End User Computing and VDI Costs” – Part 1

IGEL offers long-term value with less maintenance required for the IT department, which can have transformational effects.

Jim Veraldi, Vice President, Data Center Solutions, Ingram Micro, says,

“The way in which IGEL lowers end-using commuting costs is that once you have the thin client deployed there is a lot less maintenance for the IT department, year on year. This allows the IT department to focus on true transformational projects as opposed to maintenance of end-users. This is a very important shift for the IT department and it’s going to lower the cost for the end-user maintenance.” 

Watch more in this video, “How is IGEL Lowering End User Computing and VDI Costs” – Part 2

Lowering end user computing and VDI costs is just one of the many reasons to choose IGEL endpoint devices. See more reasons in this Tip Sheet.

Carl Gersh

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