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Do Not Postpone Windows 11 – Accelerate to Windows 11 with IGEL

Do Not Postpone Windows 11 – Accelerate to Windows 11 with IGEL

In conversations I have had with customers recently, the topic of postponing Windows 11 and paying additional support costs has come up more than once. This blog will discuss a few ways in which IGEL can accelerate your move to Windows 11 and avoid some of those costs.


  • Use IGEL at the endpoint.
  • Move up to 75% of your existing endpoint budget to optimize an existing VDI or DaaS environment with Windows 11.
  • Improve IT security and sustainability.
  • Avoid extra support costs while simplifying future upgrades.
  • Contact IGEL for a personalized TCO review.
  • Request a trial of IGEL for AVD

We know IT teams are struggling to staff up sufficiently. We know organizations are heavily under attack from cybercriminals. With all the competing projects and priorities, undertaking the task of upgrading endpoints to Windows 11 is just one project too far—that can be theoretically delayed—at a financial cost. When you consider the tasks involved, such as identifying hardware that won’t run Windows 11, creating a purchasing and deployment plan, testing the gold image on various endpoint hardware, managing security, training IT and users, recycling old hardware, to name but a few, it’s hardly surprising that many organizations are opting for a bailout option.

Of course, many IGEL customers already have deployments of Citrix, Omnissa Horizon, or Microsoft AVD/Windows 365, which will also require a Windows 11 desktop project.

But with analysts forecasting growth in Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Microsoft announcing that Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is also growing quickly, centralizing Windows deployment through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS has become a well-established option for many organizations. This approach is now accessible to both large enterprises and smaller businesses, thanks to DaaS.

IGEL can play a significant role in helping organizations transition to Windows 11—in the cloud (private, hybrid, or public).

Benefits of Moving to Windows 11 in the Cloud with IGEL at the Endpoint:

  • Use existing endpoint hardware: Run on almost any x86/64 hardware—laptops, desktops, thin clients from leading manufacturers including HP, Lenovo, LG and Dell. Save significant CAPEX by moving resources to VDI/DaaS enablement.
  • Reduce CSRD and ESG impact: Extend the lifetime of existing hardware to 6 to 8 years or longer, reducing the carbon footprint and e-waste from your IT estate
  • Reduced endpoint testing: IGEL OS is modular by design and less than 2GB. IT deploys exactly what the user needs to connect to the VDI/DaaS environment, delivering a great user experience.
  • Significant security benefits: A smaller endpoint footprint and the Preventative Security Model™ dramatically reduce the risk of ransomware attacks.
  • Software cost savings: Eliminate the need for an expensive endpoint security stack. Secure the hosted Windows environment and avoid paying twice for endpoint and hosted protection.
  • Operational efficiency: Reduce resources required to manage and troubleshoot the security stack, including AV, EDR, XDR, DLP, and backup and recovery.

For some organizations, this approach requires fresh thinking and commitment. For others, where VDI is already proven—such as in healthcare for critical patient information access, retail with POS systems, and finance with traders—it’s a lightbulb moment. The technology is proven; it’s just a matter of looking at new use cases.

The amount of savings varies. For instance, a recent healthcare organization in the US with 40,000 endpoints saved more than $35 million over four years with IGEL. Your mileage may vary of course but let’s find out!

To calculate your potential savings, contact IGEL for a free personalized TCO analysis. The analysis will cover the points above and many more you might not have considered. Or click here to request an evaluation of IGEL for Microsoft AVD.

James Millington

VP Vertical Solutions and Product Solutions Marketing at IGEL
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